Jon Moxley Reacts To Roman Reigns Being Paired With Paul Heyman

Jon Moxley reacts to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman pairing

Jon Moxley recently disclosed his opinion on Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. After all, Moxley used to work closely with Roman Reigns before he went to the WWE.

Jon Moxley Responds to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman Pairing

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman in the WWE

The wrestling world got a huge shock this year. After all, nobody expected babyface Roman Reigns to become a Paul Heyman guy.

Many have responded to the rather unique pairing. More recently, Reigns’ former Shield buddy Jon Moxley buddy Dean Ambrose a.k.a. responded.

Based on his comments, it seems that Moxley is quite excited about the prospect of Roman and Heyman working together.

“The concept of him and Paul Heyman – that was very cool to me. I think that’s gonna work out really good.”

Moxley also stated that he hoped all his former colleagues will do well in the WWE. So, in spite of his bad experience in the company, he holds no ill will towards his former colleagues.

Jon Moxley And The Shield

The Shield

As you may know already, Jon Moxley used to be a member of The Shield. In turn, The Shield was the most popular faction of the modern wrestling era.

Of course, since the breakup of The Shield, each member has gone his separate way. While Roman and Seth still make waves in the WWE, Moxley turned to AEW for new opportunities.

The Shield was undoubtedly a launching pad for each of the men involved. But more importantly than that, it created a bond between them that not even a rival promotion can break. 

Moxley is AEW’s Longest Reigning Champion

Jon Moxley is AEW's longest reigning champion

Moxley has been doing amazing job at AEW, as he is officially the promotion’s longest-reigning champion. And in his role as champion, he has seen and defeated numerous challengers.

One of the most notable in recent memory was MJF, who is known to win by dirty tactics. However, after turning the tables on MJF, Moxley managed to retain his championship.

But there are more challenges ahead for the former Shield member, as he will be going against Team Taz. Fortunately, Moxley is getting some help in the form of Darby Allen.

During his interview, Moxley also spoke about the continuing feud between AEW and the WWE. In fact, he stated how it is exciting to be a wrestling fan these days.

Moxley recalled the days where he switched between Nitro and Raw. With the feud between AEW and NXT, wrestling fans can now do the same. 

Jon Moxley also had something interesting to say about the shift in wrestling popularity. He even stated that Wednesday nights are now the true day for wrestling fans.

“So what’s happening is Wednesday nights are replacing Monday night. Wednesday is wrestling night for people now.”

Moxley is not necessarily wrong, as die-hard wrestling fans seem to be tuning in on Wednesday nights these days. And with NXT looking to move to a different day of the week, you cannot argue that the true war happens on Wednesdays. 

Haven’t seen Mox since he left the WWE? We can recommend joining the AEW-NXT war and checking out wrestling on Wednesday nights.

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