Jeff Hardy Re-Signs With WWE, Brother Matt Still At AEW

Jeff Hardy Re-Signs With WWE

Jeff Hardy Re-Signs with WWE” is the headline of the week. However, are the rumors about the legendary re-signing with World Wrestling Entertainment accurate?

Jeff Hardy Confirms Re-Signing With WWE During BT Sports Interview

Jeff Hardy Re-Signs with WWE

Even though there were plenty of rumors already, Jeff Hardy has officially confirmed the news himself. The wrestler revealed his new WWE tenure during an interview with BT Sports. 

So there you have it. As it stands, Jeff Hardy will stay with WWE with no indication of moving to AEW in the nearby future.

Jeff Hardy’s brother Matt is currently with AEW. Evidently, this fueled speculation that the wrestler could be on his way to the brand as well.

The recent statements made by Jeff Hardy indicate that the wrestler has no plans of moving to All Elite Wrestling. Obviously, this has a serious impact on the future of the Broken Universe. 

Taking A Different Direction From His Brother

Jeff and Matt Hardy

Jeff and Matt Hardy were a tag team for the longest time. In fact, their Broken Universe gimmick, the brainchild of Matt, took off big in the indies.

Due to the success of the Broken gimmick, the WWE took notice of the brothers. While Jeff stayed in the WWE, Matt Hardy made the bold move to AEW.

Jeff makes it pretty clear during his interview that he is stepping away from the Hardy Boyz. When discussing his theme music. he refers to the music being Jeff Hardy’s. 

It could be that Jeff Hardy wants to carve a path away from his creative brother, who is often the more prominent of the two. On the other hand, I have no doubt WWE gave Jeff an offer he could not refuse.

WWE lost loads of wrestlers to AEW, either by releasing them beforehand or through the wrestlers choosing to leave. It is likely they fear that Jeff moving to AEW as well could cause more competition.

Keeping the brothers apart could very well be a strategic move, but who can really tell Vince McMahon’s motives at this point? 

Does Matt Hardy Need Jeff For The Broken Gimmick?

Matt Hardy

The Broken Gimmick is pretty much the brainchild of Matt Hardy. 

With Jeff Hardy staying in the WWE, it seems like we will not see Brother Nero anytime soon. Fortunately, I think Matt Hardy can resume the Broken Gimmick on his own in AEW.

In a previous interview, Matt Hardy revealed that the Broken Gimmick is on hold for now. The reason for that is quite simply the absence of fans in arenas.

Matt admits that his Broken character is an interactive character, which basically means it needs fans around to work. So, while we have seen a glimpse of the broken character in AEW, we will not see the full thing until fans can fully return to the arena.

As fans have slowly continued to return to the arena, the Broken character has started to appear a bit more. Nevertheless, Hardy will have to continue without his brother Jeff.

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