Billie Kay’s Uncertain WWE Future, Vince Wants to Remove Her From TV

Billie Kay's WWE Future is uncertain

After breaking up with her tag team partner Peyton Royce, Billie Kay’s future in the WWE is very uncertain. In fact, there are rumors that Vince McMahon wants Billie Kay written off television for the foreseeable future.

Billie Kay’s Future After IIconics Breakup

The IIconics Breakup

The wrestling world was shocked this week as the WWE decided to break up its only legitimate tag team, the IIconics. After an emotional segment, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay went their separate ways. 

While there are reports of Peyton Royce being pushed in the singles division, the opposite is true for Kay. Unfortunately, it seems like Vince McMahon wants Billie Kay in the background.

In addition to losing her tag team partner, Kay also took a serious loss to Jessamyn Duke. Racking up losses, it is clear the WWE has nothing in mind for her.

Move To SmackDown Live?

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

Numerous wrestlers have been released during the coronavirus pandemic. So, one could argue Billie’s job is far from safe.

Despite the lack of plans for Kay, there is some speculation that she may move to SmackDown Live. If this is the case, the company could build her.

The WWE has lost many women on the main roster. The most prominent missing members are Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

Now, building two new female stars on separate brand would be a smart idea. But I doubt that is what is happening at the moment.

Kay has also fueled speculation with a rather cryptic tweet this week:

Fan’s reactions have been quite divided. But one of the main things that kept coming up was the “Femme Fatale” character.

Back in NXT, Billie Kay was known as the Femme Fatale. With the IIconics broken up, she could focus on that once again.

Should The IIconics Have Been Split Up?

The IIconics

Honestly, no. The IIconics were the only legitimate female tag team to start with, and now there’s only a bunch of singles competitors.

Then there is the personal side of things. Both Peyton and Billie were visibly upset during the match, making it clear they did not want to split up as a team.

Their reaction is understandable though, as both women have been in each other’s corner since childhood. Separating them is the worst idea since the WWE’s contract with Saudi Arabia.

But Vince must have his mind set on Peyton being a single’s competitor and maybe Billie doesn’t fit into that picture. Or maybe we have all been duped?

Maybe Billie Kay is turning full heel into her Femme Fatale character. This could mean she enters another feud with Royce or even heads to another brand to make it in the singles division. 

Still, despite all these exciting plans, I still do not see any decent reason to break up The IIconics. I thought they were one of the most exciting and entertaining teams from NXT, but they always missed out on long-term opportunities.

The IIconics did win the titles once upon a time, but as you know the women’s tag team titles have not been taken seriously so far. 

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