WWE Releases Statement About Drew McIntyre’s Career-Ending Injury

Drew McIntyre's injury is most likely a fake

Drew McIntyre’s career-ending injury is most likely a storyline. The reason why we believe it is all fake is the recent statement made by the WWE regarding the injury.

WWE’s Statement About Drew McIntyre’s Career-Ending Injury

Drew McIntyre storyline

With rumors swirling about Drew’s injury, the WWE released a statement about his current condition. However, the statement seemed to be in typical WWE storyline style, hinting that Drew McIntyre is not injured at all.

“As reported by Charly Caruso on Raw. Medical staff were fearful of a skull fracture and potential brain bleeding to Drew McIntyre. This after Randy Orton delivered three vicious kicks to the skull to the WWE Champion earlier in the night. The medical officials did also express concern the injuries could potentially be career-threatening. McIntyre was eventually loaded into an ambulance and transported to a local medical facility for further testing.”

Whenever I read the words “local medical facility,” I think storyline. So, I would not be surprised if a fake injury is used to further the storyline between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre.

Fake Injuries Are Used Often

WWE uses fake injuries often

Genuine career-ending injuries usually remain hidden. Just think about Paige and Daniel Bryan, who came to the ring to make the announcement.

When WWE mentions an injury like this, it is usually a storyline. After all, genuine injuries are often kept hidden for months.

Of course, fake injuries make good revenge stories. WWE has used them numerous times in the past, and with some success.

That being said, the fake injury is used a lot these days. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of fans are less excited about these storylines.

Should The Feud Between Randy Orton And Drew McIntyre Continue?

Orton-McIntyre feud

The feud between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre has been going for a while. And even though it was fun to watch, I think it is time for something new.

There is a lot of talent backstage waiting for opportunities. In other words, new feuds would not take that much effort.

WWE used the fake injury to ignite the feud between Keith Lee and Randy Orton. Nevertheless, I doubt this is the end for the Orton-McIntyre story.

Keith Lee on the other hand, has been getting backlash for his theme song in his Raw debut. 

Lee would later address the issue on social media. In the message, he admitted that the music was out of his control.

In other words, WWE does what it usually does. As soon as an NXT star hits the main roster, they are changed beyond recognition.

Given the popularity of Keith Lee, we hope he does not suffer the same fate as many of his colleagues.

At the moment, it looks like Keith Lee might take another loss. If this is the case, then Orton will continue his feud with Drew McIntyre going forward.

Fans have also criticized WWE for burying Keith Lee on Raw. One might argue that the same thing might be happening to Drew McIntyre in regard to Orton.

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