Vince McMahon Believes ‘The Worst Is Over’ And Viewers Will Return

Vince McMahon viewers return

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon seems to be more positive lately. In fact, he believes the worst is over now and that viewers will soon return.

WWE Suffered One Of The Biggest Losses Of Viewers

WWE suffered some of the biggest losses of viewers ever

Attribute it to the coronavirus pandemic or an inferior product, but the WWE have been losing viewers quickly. While it has been stressful, it seems Vince is a lot more positive lately.

According to sources, Vince McMahon thinks the loss of viewers had a lot to do with the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, he believes that viewers will soon return as the pandemic comes to an end.

To make up for the lack of audience, WWE recently introduced the Thunderdome concept. With it, viewers can now purchase virtual seats for SmackDown Live.  

Vince McMahon’s Weird Mood

Vince Mcmahon's weird moods

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Vince McMahon has been suffering from quite a few mood swings. Over the past few months, numerous reports came in of Vince ripping up scripts and being in a sour mood.

Now this changed with the most recent creative meeting. According to sources, Vince McMahon was quite upbeat and truly believes things are about to get better.

Of course, the weird moods of Vince McMahon are well-documented. It is widely known that there is a culture of fear in the WWE because of it.

Kenny Omega is just one of the wrestlers who mentioned the fear culture in WWE. Dean Ambrose also referred to Vince McMahon as a madman.

While viewers are now temporary fixed in the eyes of Vince McMahon, maybe it is time to look at the culture within his company as well? After all, happy wrestlers who feel fulfilled are less likely to run to the competition. 

Did Amway Center Move Influence Vince McMahon’s Opinion?

Thunderdome Amway Center

Vince McMahon viewers will return in large numbers thanks to the Thunderdome concept. And there could be some truth to the matter, as registration for the Thunderdome events is currently closed. 

With no more tickets available, a lot fans will not be able to share in the experience. And I have no doubt that this kind of new concept will not go without its problems.

The WWE Thunderdome is undoubtedly a novelty. How long can the WWE keep this novelty going among fans and attract viewers?

Of course, the Thunderdome only needs to run until WWE can have fans in their arenas again. However, if it is quite successful, they can keep the Thunderdome concept for fans who might not be that mobile.

It highly depends on the overall cost of the Thunderdome project. Obviously, a lot of technology might mean a higher price tag.

WWE has some problems to fix that go beyond an audience in attendance because of the coronavirus. A lot of fans are unhappy with the brand and it has nothing to do with the virus.

World Wrestling Entertainment undoubtedly has an image problem that started well before the coronavirus. From alienating its female roster due to the Saudi deal to unhappy wrestlers, there has been plenty WWE needs to straighten up.

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