Velveteen Dream Suffers Backstage Heat For Preferential Treatment

There is some backstage heat on NXT star Velveteen Dream

NXT star Velveteen Dream is finding himself at the center of some backstage heat. If rumor is correct, then Velveteen is getting some preferential treatment, angering his fellow wrestlers.

Protected By Backstage Management

Velveteen Dream issues

If current rumors are believed, there is some serious backstage heat on NXT star Velveteen Dream at the moment. In fact, Velveteen might be getting preferential treatment.

Over the years, there has been some talk about Velveteen’s behavioral problems backstage. And while the wrestler is popular, it seems he is far from loved by his colleagues.

Rumor has it that the rules do not apply to Velveteen. While other wrestlers would be promptly fired, Velveteen Dream has a protective hand over his head.

While the claims did not specify who is protecting Dream, most speculate it is none other than Triple H.

Looking at their history, this may not be far from the truth.

WWE has overlooked indiscretions in the past. However, I do not believe they would overlook something as major as this.

For now, Velveteen should get the benefit of the doubt, unless evidence proves otherwise.

Questionable Character

Velveteen Dream may enjoy protection from Triple H

The backstage heat goes far beyond some behavioral problems towards other wrestlers. Not too long ago, The Dream was accused of sending inappropriate pictures to an underaged recipient.

NXT has been extremely quiet surrounding the matter. Even Triple H would not elaborate on it much during interviews.

This week, Triple H had a pre-show conference call. During the call, the NXT boss refused to discuss the numerous allegations made against Velveteen Dream.

“We’ve talked about this, we’ve said our piece on it, and I understand people’s positions on it and their feelings of something that they’re seeing with the accusations online. So, I feel like there’s nothing more that needs to be said on it again. That’s it.”

The lack of answers has many people in an uproar. The alleged victims took to social media posting evidence online.

One of the accusers went online straight after Triple H’s statements. He stated that he had zero communication with WWE and that he went to the police with the allegations.


Fans react

The lack of investigation and clarity from the WWE has angered fans and wrestlers backstage. It even led to an entire movement on social media, called #FireVelveteenDream.

Petitions have been started by angered fans, putting a negative spotlight on Velveteen Dream. Unfortunately, there are some issues to address.

There is always a chance that the so-called evidence is fake. Firing the man while innocent would be even worse.

However, it does worry me that very little was done by WWE. If there has been an investigation, where is the report of that investigation?

If the WWE did not cover their bases, it could come back to haunt them.

If the allegations are true, it could put a negative light on the WWE once again.

For now, Velveteen is innocent until proven guilty. However, rumors about indiscretions and backstage heat show no sign of stopping.

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