Tony Khan thanks fans

AEW’s owner Tony Khan took to social media this week to thank fans for their support. After all, Tony Khan’s promotion took another big win in the ratings this week. 

AEW Wins Again in 18-49 Demographic

AEW promotion takes another win in demographics

The brand took another big win this week in the 18-49 demographic.

Since AEW took another win in the most important demographic for professional wrestling, WWE must be seriously worried at this point. 

Chris Jericho recently spoke out about the importance of demographic wins. WWE may be winning in other demographics, but AEW has taken the most important wins recently.

The 18-49 demographic determines the most popular promotion for the coming years. It is also one of the larger demographic groups.

Room for Improvement

AEW Women's Division

While fans are quite positive about AEW, there is most certainly some room for improvement. After Tony Khan’s message, fans took their time to make a point.

One of the complaints that was reflected throughout fan responses was the lack of attention on the women’s division. After all, many fans believe the division is an afterthought for the promotion.

While the women’s division could use some more attention for sure, AEW has made some strides in terms of equality. From Sonny Kiss to Nyla Rose, there are many reasons why AEW is on top of the equality food chain right now.

The number of comments from fans were quite noticeable. In fact, some fans came to the defense of the brand.

Some fans claim that the lack of attention on the women’s division is due to the fact AEW is relatively new. Some fans describe it as growing pains.

I believe that’s the case. The brand is relatively new, so it is not unusual for the women’s division to slip through the cracks.

Of course, that does not mean it is okay. The women’s division should get just as much attention as the men’s division.

Unfortunately, wrestling is still very much a sport that is aimed towards men. However, Brandi Rhodes is looking to change that. 

Brandi recently spearheaded a platform for female wrestling fans, giving them a more welcome environment. The initiative could be beneficial for the company’s fanbase going forward.

Ray Of Hope For The Women’s Division


There is a glimmer of hope for the AEW women’s division though. The brand is currently holding a women’s tag team cup tournament, giving a number of women a chance to shine. 

The women’s tag team cup tournament already brought two former WWE wrestlers to AEW. Cameron and Taynara Conti both made their debut during the tag team cup tournament.

Of course, existing roster members also made a lasting impression so far. Penelope Ford has been showing off her wrestling skills lately, but so have the Nightmare Sisters. 

With the tag team cup tournament, AEW shows that it is willing to contribute to women’s wrestling. Of course, the winners of this tournament will have a huge career ahead of them in the women’s division.