The Bella Twins Release The Names Of Their Bella Babies

Bella babies names

The Bella Babies have finally arrived. Now, we have the pleasure to announce the names WWE’s Bella Twins have chosen.

Meet Matteo Artemovich And Buddy Dessert 

WWE Bella Babies Names

During their interview with People Magazine, the names of the Bella Twin babies were revealed. Brie and Daniel choose the name Buddy Dessert for their son, while Nikki and Artem choose the name Matteo Artemovich.

The Bella Twins spoke in great detail about their experience giving birth to the new babies. and it definitely makes for a good story.

Nikki Bella Had Her Baby Early

During the interview, it was revealed that Nikki Bella had her first child early. When her water broke, she was actually on her way to be induced early due to high blood pressure.

Nikki admits that she and Artem were far from prepared. She also revealed how she was in labor for 22 hours and had to push with a mask for 2 hours due to COVID-19.

“I looked at Artem [who was allowed in the room with a mask] and I go, ‘Put on The Lumineers!’ And literally we ‘Hey Ho’-ed and ‘Ophelia’-ed Matteo into this world. I have never pushed so hard in my life. I almost tore off the handlebars!”

Brie Was Upset Her Sister Went Into Labor First

bella Twins babies

Brie jokingly admitted during the interview that she was a little upset her sister went into labor first. 

“I was trying to have a VBAC [vaginal birth after previous c-section] because I had an emergency c-section with Birdie, but I forgot I make stubborn babies and they don’t like to come out,” says Brie. “When Matteo came on the 31st, I was like, ‘No matter what, my baby is coming at 9 a.m. tomorrow.’ We didn’t know it was a boy yet.”

Brie also revealed that the birth was a different experience than the one she had with Birdie. In fact, she stated she was quite alert during her C-section this time around.

Baby Love

Both Bella twins could not be happier after the birth of their babies. They both revealed that they feel an overpowering love. 

Nikki even took it one step further, referring to the arrival of her baby as something she wanted her whole life.

“I’ve been up since 3 a.m., but this is what I’ve wanted my whole life. The fact that he’s here — I’m just so in love and happy.”

It is well-documented that Nikki Bella always wanted a family. In fact, it is believed that the relationship between John Cena and Nikki Bella broke down because of it.

Fortunately, Nikki found love again with her Dancing with the Stars dance partner Artem Chigvintsev. Brie, on the other hand, seems happier than ever alongside her husband Daniel Bryan, Birdie, and now her son Matteo.

The Bella family is growing rapidly, but the Bella’s ambition is far from over. Their reality show is still going strong and their YouTube channel has more followers than ever.

In conclusion, nothing but good news for the Bella Twins and their Bella Army.

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