Schoolteacher spends summer break wrestling for AEW

A schoolteacher is the last person you would expect to see in AEW or another wrestling promotion. However, that’s exactly where you’ll find Robert Anthony – in AEW!

Schoolteacher Robert Anthony Wrestles For AEW

Robert Anthony is a schoolteacher who wrestled for AEW

So, how does the average schoolteacher spend his summer? Well, if Robert Anthony has anything to do with it, they spend it in the wrestling ring.

Robert Anthony is an old friend of Jon Moxley. Robert Anthony and Jon Moxley met while they both wrestled for indie promotion CZW. 

Independent wrestler Robert Anthony has a long indie track record. Even though his main job is being a schoolteacher, he’s still passionate about wrestling.

Anthony thanked AEW for allowing him to wrestle during the summer. Unfortunately, he has now returned to his teaching job.

Jon Moxley Praises His Friend

Jon Moxley and Robert Anthony

Schoolteacher Robert Anthony’s run in AEW was also praised by Jon Moxley. It is clear the AEW World Champion thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

“It’s never been a hobby to him, and he knows the window is open. He’s in great physical shape and smarter from experience. He’s entering his prime. At this point in his career, he’s ready to take the next step and turn heads.”

Anthony only had kind words for Moxley as well.

“But what picked me up was the conversations I had with Mox. He knows my journey more than anyone, and he opened my eyes to what I have to offer and what I need to work on. I know this can end tomorrow, and that is the mindset that makes me the strongest I’ve ever been in my life.”

AEW Is The Land Of Opportunity


A good decade ago, the WWE was the top dog of wrestling. However, things have changed dramatically in the world of wrestling recently.

The arrival of AEW has turned the wrestling landscape on its head. After all, AEW showed that their promotion is the true land of opportunity.

AEW allows wrestlers from other promotions as well as free agents to appear on their show. In some rare cases, they also sign the wrestlers who put on amazing performances.

A great example is Eddie Kingston, who was signed by the brand after a match against Cody Rhodes. Before that, Kingston was a struggling wrestler, despite his amazing talent.

Since the start of Cody’s open challenge, numerous wrestlers stepped up to the plate and made the most from their AEW opportunity. 

WWE does not include wrestlers from other promotions, unless they have a WWE contract. The only true exception was Rey Mysterio, who remained with WWE for several months before he renewed his contract.

The example of Robert Anthony is a great way to look at wrestling. It also shows that anyone with a drive and a dream can make it to the big time.

We look forward to seeing other wrestlers in the months to come. With Cody Rhodes still being the champion, the open challenge is still a thing!

And while the women’s division needs some work, AEW is making big strides towards becoming the biggest wrestling promotion out there.