Renee Young Pens Goodbye Letter To Her WWE Family

Renee Young pens goodbye letter to WWE family

Renee Young officially put in her notice with the WWE. Now, she has penned a goodbye letter to her WWE family.

Vince McMahon’s Approval

Renee Young and Vince McMahon

Renee Young’s goodbye letter included a tribute to Vince McMahon first and foremost. From her tribute, it was clear Renee Young craved Vince McMahon’s approval.

“But what I’ll add is this — probably one of the best things you can say about a CEO: You always want his approval. I mean…… always, always, always.”

Vince is a difficult man to please. So, this goodbye tribute is certainly not strange or out of the ordinary.

Renee Young also mentioned Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. She described Triple H as progress in WWE. And went on to say that he:

He’s always pushing talent in the direction of opportunity, and in the direction of something new. You see it first and foremost in his work with NXT, and just the way he’s built that brand into one of the most exciting things in wrestling right now. But then I also got to experience that energy on a more direct level — when Hunter pulled me aside before TV one night and said, “Alright, so in two weeks? Coach won’t be available for Raw. And we want you to fill in for him.” I was like….. SORRY, WHAT?!? It wasn’t something we’d talked about, wasn’t something I’d pitched anyone on. It was completely out of left field. And that just said everything to me.

Young said this of Stephanie McMahon

I mean, she is “women in WWE,” you know? But it goes so far beyond that. She’s just a boss, period. And I hate to use the term “boss lady” with Stephanie, because she’s a boss by any gender, but you really can’t say enough about the job she’s done in this male-dominated business. She’s so warm and friendly and inviting, but at the same time, you always know she’s taking care of her shit.

Tribute to the Announcers

Renee Young goodbye letter

As expected, Renee took the time to thank all the announcers she worked with. She especially had some kind words for Michael Cole.

Renee Young’s departure is undoubtedly making her nostalgic. In her goodbye letter, she mentioned the major role Michael Cole had on her career.

“When you’re doing Raw — when you’re doing three hours of LIVE TELEVISED WWE — for the first time??? You really only have one chance of survival. And that’s to take your broadcast partner by the hand, hold on to it tight, and hope they won’t let go. With Michael Cole, I didn’t even have to hope.”

Up her WWE departure, Renee Young also called Corey Graves her best friend. She even described a funny story that happened to them in Manchester.

According to Renee, Graves called her in the middle of the night after a boozy bus trip. Apparently, he wanted his portable speaker so he could keep the party going.

Renee brought Corey the speaker, and the rest is history where announcer friendship is concerned.

Big Honor For Daniel Bryan

Talking Smack

Renee Young also revealed the thing she enjoyed the most during her WWE career. According to her letter, it was her time on Talking Smack alongside Daniel Bryan.

“I think I felt like it was the most me, if that makes sense. Like I finally got a chance to do something approaching “my thing.”

Young also commented on the fact that talent coming on the show weren’t scripted. She referred to it as a “IDGAF attitude.” 

Renee also mentioned that she enjoyed working with all the talent who appeared on the show. In particular, she mentioned the Miz, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, the Usos, AJ, Noami, and Sami Zayn. 

Special Call Out to the Women’s Division

Renee Young praised the women's division

Young also took the time to honor the women in the WWE. She also made some clear points when it came down to women’s equality in the WWE.

In her letter, she mentioned how the company started making room for women’s equality. She also referred to Rish, Lita, Sable, and Torrie as trailblazers.

Nevertheless, Renee did have some regrets. She mentioned how she wished she stood up for herself more. 

“I wish I’d stood up for myself a little more, in terms of the support that I was getting. I wish I’d fought for myself a little more, just in general, in those moments when I felt like I was drowning or even just treading water.”

Renee did not elaborate too much on why she was leaving though. The only thing she mentioned is that it was time. 

In conclusion, a professional letter just before Renee Young’s impending departure. Unfortunately, it did not answer most of our questions.

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