Mick Foley’s Son Moving Up In WWE, Marty Scurll Loses Big ROH Job

Mick Foley's Son Moving Up

There is reportedly a familiar name writing for WWE on 205 Live. In other booking related news, Marty Scurll is not booking ROH any more, which is fallout from the #speakingout accusations against him.

Mick Foley’s Son Moving Up In WWE

We’ve seen lots of creative folks come and go in WWE. Now, we are hearing a familiar name is writing for WWE.

According to reports, a Foley is one of the head writers for 205 Live.

Yes, Foley, like Mick. As in Cactus Jack.

familiar name writing wwe

Except, it’s not Mick Foley…but rather Mick Foley’s son Dewey.

If you ever watched Holy Foley on the WWE Network (recommended!), you would recognize the adult Dewey. Of course, if you ever watched Beyond The Mat, you would have seen Dewey during the segments covering the brutal match between his dad and The Rock.

Dewey Foley landed a job at WWE back in 2015, getting himself in on the ground floor.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Dewey has stuck around and managed to land big responsibilities on 205 Live. The report indicates that he, alongside Adam Pearce, is one of the head writers for the show.

Given how tumultuous the writing rooms within WWE can be, it’s not hard to imagine Dewey Foley leaping up to one of the more mainstream shows, if things work out.

Then again, given how things go in WWE and wrestling in general, it’s just as easy to imagine Vince cutting him just like that.

Still, it’s exciting to hear about Foley’s advancement. Perhaps he can channel some of his father’s creative ideas into the WWE television product.

Marty Scurll Loses Big ROH Job

It wasn’t all that long ago that Marty Scurll was considered one of the hottest names around professional wrestling. Now, Marty Scurll is not booking ROH anymore.

At least, he’s no longer the head booker.

Marty Scrull

That demotion is thanks in large part to the accusations that surfaced against him from the #speakingout movement recently.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Scurll will be replaced by Delirious as head booker.

Ring of Honor is in the process of returning to action. The company has been idle since the pandemic and subsequent shutdown.

The accusations against Marty Scurrl surfaced during that shutdown, and the company soon after launched an investigation.

The removal of Scurll from the post of head booker does not indicate anything about the investigation. At this point, that is said to be ongoing.

It seems that Ring of Honor is, for now, taking Scurrl out of the spotlight while the investigation runs its course.

It’s possible that the company looks over the allegations and finds them to be credible-in which case, Marty Scurll may loose more than the head booking spot.

It’s just as possible that the investigation disproves the accusations and Scurll is given his booking duties back.

With Scurll not currently booking, it seems possible he won’t be present for the upcoming tapings.

It’s not known whether he would be staying away by choice, or if Ring of Honor has effectively suspended the star.