Marty Jannetty Admits To Murder? + CM Punk On RAW Underground

Marty Jannetty Admits Murder?

Former ‘Rocker’ Marty Jannetty took to social media and seemed to admit to a possible murder.

Marty Jannetty Admits To Murder?

In one of the more bizarre happenings in wrestling lately, Marty Jannetty finds himself in trouble. All because Jannetty, for reasons unknown, posted a bizarre note to Facebook on Wednesday morning.

Here is the text from the former Rocker’s Facebook post:

Now, it’s very concerning to imply or flat out state that you “made someone disappear”. The implications are clear enough.

According to TMZ, Jannetty’s statement did not go unnoticed by law enforcement. Columbus (Georgia) police have told TMZ they are going to look into Marty Jannetty’s statement.

While the incident, if real, would have happened nearly four decades ago, it’s a shocking statement worth investigating.

The entire situation is bizarre. It remains unclear what would have prompted Jannetty to make such a statement, which could amount to a confession of a murder committed as a 13 year old.

It is not the first time the former Rocker has made some unpleasant comments on social media. Considering the severity of what he has just said, one hopes that justice is served.

If the statement is found to have no truth to it, then we hope Jannetty gets whatever help he may need.

CM Punk On RAW Underground

Everyone has had opinions on the most recent episode of RAW. Now, we get thoughts from CM Punk on RAW Underground in particular.

The first RAW of August was certainly a bit interesting, with chaos seeming to be an underlying theme. Now, we have thoughts from none other than CM Punk on RAW Underground in particular.

While many have panned the segment, CM Punk was not one of them.

CM Punk RAW Underground

He joined Renee Young and Booker T for Watch Along, as they watched FS1’s replay of SummerSlam from Wembley Stadium.

When asked his thoughts, Punk was blunt: he loved it.

I suppose this shouldn’t necessarily be a surprise. Punk did leave WWE abruptly, only to resurface with a UFC contract in hand.

Of course, CM Punk didn’t fare so well in the Octagon, going 0-2 and never looking like he was close to a breakthrough.

Booker added what many may be thinking: could something as unique as RAW Underground draw someone like CM Punk back in to WWE after all these years?

Punk said nothing, but surely folks will be wondering.

While many were not fans of the new addition to RAW, one thing is for certain. It is getting people talking, and it is getting people to take notice.

Whether that turns into help in the ratings remains to be seen.

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