Lars Sullivan Finally Resurfaces After Long Break From The WWE

WWE Lars Sullivan Resurfaces

WWE fans have not heard from Lars Sullivan for many months. However, he recently resurfaced on social media with training videos.

Anxiety Attack Before John Cena Promo

Lars Sullivan Suffered An Anxiety Attack Before His John Cena Promo

When Lars Sullivan made his way to the main roster, Vince McMahon was fully behind him. In fact, he was supposed to shoot a promo with John Cena.

Just before he was set to shoot the promo, Lars Sullivan allegedly suffered an anxiety attack. After that, things went downhill for the wrestler.

After making his main roster debut, Sullivan stood accused of making racist comments. The wrestler was reprimanded, but the company continued his push.

And things would go from bad to worse, as Sullivan’s history in the adult film industry was revealed online.

This also coincided with a knee injury, making him disappear completely from the scene.

Lars Sullivan Resurfaces On Social Media

WWE Lars Sullivan Resurfaces

The WWE wrestler recently popped up on Intagram with training videos, but his account is private. 

It is currently unclear if Lars Sullivan is training to get back into the ring or simply keeping himself in shape. However a return to social media could mean a return to the ring is possible. 

Lars Sullivan returns

Since Vince was quite keen on Sullivan, a return to the main roster might be considered. 

It is still unclear if Lars took the long break for his mental health, knee injury, or even the scandal surrounding him at the time. So, his return to the company should be telling in that regard.

Lars Sullivan’s Long Break From The WWE

Lars Sullivan

Since Lars Sullivan had a long break from the WWE, it remains to be seen if Vince will push him still. After all, the wrestling business is a high-pressure environment. 

Being a sufferer of an anxiety disorder myself, I know it takes time to overcome such a thing (if at all). Then there is also the bad feelings backstage among wrestlers who took offense to Lars’ historical statements.

At this point, we can only speculate. He could return to the main roster when there is no crowd present, as this could be ideal because of his image problem.

If he does return, he is likely going to remain a heel for the rest of his career. Because of his past, it is almost impossible to give him a positive spin.

Of course, WWE has no problems pushing wrestlers with a spotty past. While part of me feels bad for him for his anxiety attacks, I cannot let go some of the statements he made on social platforms. 

People do change, so I am ready to give him the benefit of the doubt. 

On the flipside, as a wrestling fan, I have little patience for racism or sexism. While I am willing to give someone a second chance, that does have to be earned.

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