Karrion Kross NXT Championship

Karrion Kross is no longer NXT Champion due a shoulder injury from Takeover XXX. As of now, there is no word on what the plans is for the belt.

Karrion Kross Vacates NXT Championship Due To Injury

At Takeover XXX, Karrion Kross completed his quick rise to the top by becoming NXT Champion. During the match, Kross injured his shoulder and he has vacated the title.

Today’s NXT episode started with Kross and Scarlett heading to the ring. Kross already had his arm in a sling and told the crowd he warned them.

He confirmed that his shoulder was separated and spoke about the current situation. Knowing he could not defend the title, Kross left the belt in the ring.

Kross said this changes nothing and doomsday is still coming. The promo concluded with Scarlett placing the hourglass next to the belt and flipping it as the sand spilled over.

Right now, there is no word on how long Kross will be out. In the past, injuries like this have taken superstars out for months.

Both headed to the back as the announce team wondered what was next. By vacating the belt, Kross has the shortest NXT Championship title reign as it only lasted a few days.

Karrion Kross NXT Championship

Kross signed with WWE earlier in the year and debuted in April. He has dominated everyone in his way to capture the belt on Saturday night’s Takeover XXX.

We do Keith Lee will not be vying for the title as he was sent to RAW after his title loss. WWE apparently has big plans for Lee, who meets Randy Orton at this Sunday’s Payback.

In the eight plus years of the yellow and black brand, this is the second time the title has been vacated. Tommaso Ciampa did the same due to a neck injury.

The timing is unfortunate, but WWE clearly has major plans for Kross. He could return to NXT and chase the title or easily be sent to main roster.

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