Karl Anderson Drops Bomshell Claiming The Kliq Hate Each Other

Karl Anderson The Kliq

The Kliq were involved in backstage politics for years in WWE and ended up with prestigious positions. Now, former WWE employee Karl Anderson claims that The Kliq truly hate each other.

Social Media Bombshell

The Kliq allegedly hate one another

On social media, Karl Anderson responded to an animated GIF of The Kliq. He stated it was a huge missed opportunity.

At the time, there was a lot of talk of The Kliq facing The Club. However, this never truly happened as WWE focussed on protecting their own.

Karl Anderson is currently working for Impact Wrestling. And it soon became clear that the wrestler had some grievances to Air. 

After Karl Anderson mentioned the missed opportunity, Dax Harwood from FTR came forward. 

It seems both Dax Harwood and Karl Anderson had an axe to grind with WWE. However, it did not stop there.

Anderson eventually came forward claiming all the members of The Kliq truly hate one another. Obviously, this has the wrestling world talking like never before.

Those are some strong statements made by Karl Anderson. He also mentioned how he truly hates five people and will name them soon.

As a lifelong wrestling fan, I only have one thing to say to that.

Former WWE Wrestlers Versus WWE

FTR has been quite outspoken about the WWE

Up to know, there were few wrestlers who have been talking about life in the WWE. But as more wrestlers were released, more stories are now surfacing.

FTR have been quite outspoken about their former employer, even while they were still employed by them. From creative differences to poor bookings, FTR has not been shy to disclose it all.

Dax Harwood has been the most vocal out of both men. It is clear that he has a lot of anger left from his time in the WWE.

Jon Moxley is another man who had his fair share of complaints about the WWE. Interestingly, he was the only wrestler who got a decent farewell from the WWE upon his departure.

Moxley stated in various interviews that he could not agree with his creative role within the WWE. On top of that, he also called Vince McMahon a “madman.

Chris Jericho’s Side

Another man who spoke out against WWE is Y2J a.k.a. Le Champion Chris Jericho. Jericho admitted he lost his passion for wrestling while in the WWE.

Things only turned around for Jericho when he started doing dark matches and then found his passion for wrestling again. He made the switch to AEW and the rest is history. 

Recently, Chris Jericho shamed WWE for releasing long-time referee Mike Chioda. In addition to that, he also wondered how the company could mess up an athlete like Jack Swagger. 

Of course, we do have to take stories with a grain of salt as some of the wrestlers in question were released. That being said, it makes for some excellent reading and it is a wonderful time to be a wrestling fan!

With two rival promotions battling it out, we get a lot more wrestling than ever before. So, can we really complain about the soap opera unfolding in front of our eyes?

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