Drew McIntyre Speaks Out About Declining Ratings During His Reign

Drew McIntyre declining ratings

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has had to deal with a lot during his career including the current declining ratings on Monday Night Raw.

Drew McIntyre Speaks Out About Ratings

Drew McIntyre talks about ratings

Drew McIntyre is the current WWE Champion. So, it is only natural that he defends himself regarding the lack of viewers during his title reign.

During an interview with TVInsider.comMcIntyre mentioned that he does not let it get to him. He also briefly hinted at Seth Rollins and how he lashed out on social media due to failing ratings.

“It doesn’t bring me down. I’ve been through so much. The ups and downs in my career. Some really low points. I don’t let it get to me or distract me from the goal at home. I know a lot of previous champions have let it get to them. They’ve suffered in their personal life as a result and lashed out on social media. I don’t allow it to get to me from that standpoint.”

Seth Rollins’ arguments with fans on social media are well documented. Fortunately, Drew McIntyre has not taken the same path as Rollins.

Drew has remained the most gracious WWE Champion since the start of his reign. In fact, he may be the reason why some people have remained loyal to Raw despite the less than enjoyable product.

At the end of the day, I think it is not down to the wrestlers at the moment. I think there are numerous causes for the declining ratings on WWE television.

Not Drew McIntyre’s Fault

Drew McIntyre is not responsible for Raw ratings

The large majority of fans agree with the fact that the declining Raw ratings are not Drew McIntyre’s fault. Quite the opposite, because many praise him as one of the best champions.


So, what is the problem with Monday Night Raw ratings? Well, there could be numerous causes. 

One of the main causes according to the WWE is the coronavirus pandemic. While there are other reasons, this is a big contributor to the lack of interest.

Since there are no fans in attendance, it makes storylines a lot less interesting. However, this is not the only problem the brand has at the moment.

Vince McMahon has come under heavy criticism from numerous ex-WWE wrestlers. Kenny Omega referred to a culture of fear, while Dean Ambrose called McMahon a madman.

Some fans claim that Vince McMahon is out of touch with the average wrestling fan. And this might not be too far from the truth. 

The wrestling landscape has changed. An increasingly large number of fans are actually looking for great wrestling matches opposed to veteran storylines.

Using veterans is not a problem in professional wrestling, but it does become problematic if you keep getting the same feuds all over again.

Randy Orton is just a prime example of an overused veteran. 

Time will tell how the WWE will get out of their Raw ratings slump. Nevertheless, Drew McIntyre is far from responsible for the declining ratings on WWE television. 

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