Does Vince McMahon Watch AEW? We Have The Answer!

Vince McMahon watch AEW

During a recent appearance on Wrestling Inc DailyDave Meltzer was asked if Vince McMahon watches AEW. The answer to the question surprised nobody.

Vince Asks His Staff About AEW

Vince McMahon asks his staff about AEW

Even though AEW has become serious competition for the WWE, Vince McMahon does not watch AEW. Instead, he asks his staff about the promotion. 

There is no denying that Vince successfully navigated the wrestling business for years. But is it really smart to not look at the competition yourself?

Most members of the WWE staff are scared to go against Vince McMahon. Obviously, this also applies to criticism of the product. 

“I think he kind of just gets fed by his people that they are really crummy and they are really terrible and its beginner’s luck and all that.”

So, it appears that WWE staff are just telling Vince what he wants to hear. Unfortunately, it could come at the detriment of the wrestling promotion.

If the statements from Meltzer are accurate, it could spell trouble for WWE in the future. After all, the chairman may have no idea about the actual threat the rival promotion presents.

Could AEW Win A Monday Night War?

Could AEW win in a Monday Night War

One of the interesting questions asked during the interview with Meltzer was if AEW could win in a Monday Night War. At the moment, the brand is solely taking on NXT on Wednesday Nights.

There is no doubt that WWE still has the larger product. However, it does not necessarily have the better product. 

I agree with Meltzer on the fact that if AEW were to go head to head on Monday Nights now, they would not come out victorious. The reason for that is because the WWE has been on top for 27 years. 

However, if you give AEW time to grow and to amass an even bigger fan base, I can see them competing on the same level as the WWE. I believe they could win the Monday Night Wars WCW lost.

Has Vince Changed His Mind About AEW

Wednesday Night Wars

When AEW started, there were rumors about Vince and his top guys laughing in the boardroom about this new threat. Now several months have passed, I doubt they are laughing now.

AEW is winning in the most important demographic at the moment. Even the biggest experts in the wrestling industry believe the WWE should be seriously worried about that.

WWE may have the funds to continue their promotion long-term, but AEW certainly has the demographic. If WWE does not take the threat seriously soon, then they could go down the same route WCW did.

Of course, those of us who are not concerned about wrestling politics too much are simply enjoying the plethora of wrestling. If you cannot get enough wrestling, you now have two bigger promotions to watch.

The arrival of AEW should not make us forget about other indie promotions either. There is Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, New Japan Wrestling, and countless other promotions that are worth tuning into.

In conclusion, AEW is becoming a big player and it is such a fun time to be a wrestling fan!

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