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WWE’s main roster used to be the place where larger than life superstars had timeless matches. Now, this has all changed.

Instead of looking at the future on the main roster, an increasingly larger number of WWE wrestlers are returning to NXT for matches. Another NXT return in the future might be none other than Randy Orton.

Will Randy Orton Go To NXT?

Randy Orton

One of the rumored main roster names for NXT matches is none other than Randy Orton. Interestingly, this wrestler had nothing but heat with the members of the NXT roster.

Over the past couple of months, Orton and Tommaso Ciampa have been going head to head on social media. Orton started the argument by commenting on the NXT product in a rather negative way. 

Tommaso Ciampa came to the defence of his roster and took on The Viper. Obviously, there has been some bad blood between both men ever since.

Several journalists asked Triple H about the feud between Ciampa and Orton during a recent conference call. During this interview, Triple H stated that Orton was only making the comments because he wants to work with Ciampa.

“Randy is a bit more public about it putting it out there on social media, but I field calls about it all day long about talent wanting to do something in NXT and vise versa. People want to see talent, I know it as a performer as you see someone who is talented you’re like ‘oh I’d like to work with them.’ That’s what Randy’s doing. WWE Superstars wanting to be a part of NXT.”

Not Going To Happen?

Randy Orton and Tommaso Ciampa
Based on Triple H’s statements, it is clear that that there are no plans for the feud at the moment. However, the public statements of Randy Orton could change that.

Of course, we do have to wonder if NXT is really the best place for Randy Orton or other main roster superstars for that matter.
You could argue that NXT could use the boost because of the Wednesday Night Wars with AEW Dynamite. But what about the main roster?
Looking at the past couple of months, the main roster is no longer the place to be in the WWE. In fact, it almost appears like most main roster stars preferred their time in NXT.
In past interviews, Sasha Banks revealed that there was a clear goal in NXT, while the main roster did not have such goals. Of course, given the fact she has a couple of championships now, I doubt that is a worry now.
Charlotte Flair is another superstar that returned to NXT for a while. However, she returned in an effort to boost ratings during the AEW-NXT wars.
As more stars are eyeing up NXT matches, you have to wonder how bad things are on the main roster? With Vince McMahon’s weird moods as well as poor bookings, lack of creative freedom and a mass release of staff not too long ago, the reasons may be more obvious than we thought.