Cody Rhodes Confirms TNT Championship Belt Is Now Completed!

TNT Championship belt completed

While most of us did not even notice, the TNT Championship belt was never finished. However, it seems the TNT Championship belt is now finished and will make its debut on AEW Dynamite.

Coronavirus Delays Belt

TNT Championship belt delay

The TNT Championship belt was supposed to be completed months ago. However, the coronavirus threw a serious spanner in the works. 

Various businesses closed during the closed during the coronavirus pandemic. This also included the company working on the TNT Championship belt.

At the moment, little is known about the title’s design. However, Cody did mention small details during an interview.

Cody Rhodes Reveals More About The Title During Interview With Tony Schiavone

Cody Rhodes explains all about the title

The American Nightmare had an interview with Tony Schiavone this week. Now, this interview is important, because Cody talked a lot about the title’s design.

According to Cody, there is a noticeable softball across the title plate. However, he does not want to get rid of “Little Ruth” just yet.

“Little Ruth” is Cody’s name for the unfinished title. According to him, the title has special meaning.

“It’ll be very difficult to get this one [unfinished TNT Championship] away from me because this one is was the one that was handed to me. It’s the belt that goes along with the open challenge, this idea and these matches that i’ve had with people pushing me to my own limits, people like Sonny Kiss for example.”

The unfinished title will undoubtedly become an important keepsake. Nevertheless, the “Big Ruth” will make her debut at AEW Dynamite.

But what will happen with the unfinished title? I think it might remain in Cody Rhodes‘ home as a keepsake.

AEW could also place the old title on display. After all, it is quite significant in the history of the title.

The History of the Championship

History of the TNT championship

All Elite Wrestling announced the arrival of the championship in March 2020. Unfortunately, this was around the time when the coronavirus hit the globe.

The first champion was determined through an eight-man tournament. So, the TNT Championship made its debut long before it was officially finished.

As you know, Cody Rhodes won the eight-man tournament. In May 2020, he became the inaugural AEW TNT Champion.

Cody Rhodes Defends Finished Title Against Scorpio Sky

Up until now, Cody has been successful in defending the title. Tonight, he defends the title again against Scorpio Sky from SCU.

Since he won the title, Cody has elevated it to the most important title on the brand. No offense to Jon Moxley, but the Open Challenge has been quite interesting.

The championship provides some amazing opportunities to wrestlers who are not signed by AEW. Some receive a contract, while others get their talent showcased in the best way possible. 

Unlike John Cena’s Open Challenge, Cody’s does look at outside wrestlers. There is no real barrier between AEW and indie promotions. 

Evidently, AEW does have in-house matches. After all, their own wrestlers need opportunities, too.

For now, AEW managed the TNT title perfectly. And, I cannot wait to see what happens on Dynamite tonight!

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