Chris Jericho FTW Belt

Chris Jericho’s opinion of the FTW belt is ‘who cares.’ Also, WWE talent moral seems excited about finally getting out of the Performance Center for the Amway Center.

Chris Jericho: ‘Who Cares’ About FTW Belt

Titles bring prestige in any business and are used to help feature some of the best stars. As All Elite Wrestling (AEW) grows, they have been adding more titles.

A new addition saw the FTW Championship make a return. The belt dates back to the original ECW and was in Taz’s possession.

Since given a larger role on TV as Brain Cage’s manager, Taz decided to give the belt to his client. If you ask Chris Jericho, the belt serves no purpose.

“So I like the fact that in AEW we have the World Title and now we have the TNT Title and then we have a Women’s Title and Tag Team Titles for guys. I think it should stay there,” said Jericho on Saturday Night’s Special. 

“If you want to do Women’s Tag Team Titles, that’s fine. We need to expand the division a bit but other than that, we don’t need any more titles.” 

“The FTW Title even is too much. It doesn’t mean anything. Who cares? That’s just me, but maybe some people care. It seems to me it’s not even a real title. So, anyway, you don’t want to muddle it down too much.”

AEW’s Current Title Situation

Chris Jericho FTW Belt

When AEW was founded, Cody Rhodes made a point of not wanting too many titles. They see WWE and other companies saturating the product with belts.

At first, AEW only had three belts with the World, Women’s and Tag Team titles. Recently, they added the TNT Championship.

There has been speculation of introducing a trios championship as AEW began placing talent into groups of three. And with the current women’s tournament, there has been talk of the females getting tag team gold.

Honestly, the FTW Title does not fit the mold in AEW. At this moment, they should not include any more titles and instead add value to what fans are familiar with.

Also, you can always count on Jericho for his brutal honesty

Amway Center Reaction

When WWE started only producing content from the Performance Center, they figured it would not last long. Six months later and they are finally moving.

While they are not leaving Florida, they are going to a larger arena. Going forward, WWE will call the Amway Center home for all their upcoming events.

According to Fightful Select, most superstars are pleased with move.

WWE would typically tape multiple episodes of TV each day, which easily tired the talent. The hope is shorter filming days are coming.

A big concern remains WWE not leaving Florida. For over a month, Florida has been producing record number of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

For WWE’s staff, they will continue to undergo testing. Some talent have tested positive for the virus, but WWE has controlled any large outbreaks. 

In conclusion, WWE looks to increase ratings and keep talent safe with their move to the Amway Center.