Brandi Rhodes’ Reacts To Being The First Woman With Action Figure

Brandi Rhodes Action Figure

AEW’s first lady Brandi Rhodes received the first female action figure on the brand. To commemorate this honor, Brandi Rhodes reacted to her action figure on Busted Open Radio.

Brandi Rhodes Stoked With The Arrival Of Little “Bran Bran”

Brandi Rhodes gets her own action figure

During the interview, Brandi Rhodes revealed the pet name  she has for her action figure. In fact, she has dubbed the first female action figure of AEW as “Bran Bran.”

“Little Bran Bran and everything she promises to be, she’s fully mobile, functioning, she can hold that sledgehammer. And, I will say, I don’t recommend giving her that sledgehammer because, you know, the kind of mystique of Elf on a Shelf? Lil’ Bran Bran is a little like that, she’s popping up at places that I did not put her which is starting to get scary. So, I wouldn’t give her the sledgehammer because you may come home and your kitchen may be in the middle of a remodel. So, be careful with that.”

And Brandi Rhodes is not the only one to get rewarded with some toys! Dustin Rhodes also received his own action figure.


Another AEW superstar who received an action figure was none other than MJF, one of the most promising talents on the brand. As always, the wrestler stayed in character for his reaction.

Brandi Rhodes Making A Difference In Women’s Wrestling

Brandi Rhodes New Project

There have been numerous women who blazed the trail for others following them. One of the most prominent in the wrestling business right now is Brandi Rhodes.

Contrary to some other trailblazers, Brandi has mainly worked behind the scenes over the years. However, AEW gave her a more prominent role as the Chief Brand Officer.

In her role as the Chief Brand Officer, Brandi recently started a new platform for female wrestling fans. During an interview, Brandi stated how she found that wrestling was not the most welcoming environment for women.

Unfortunately, Brandi Rhodes got a lot of flack for the creation of AEW heels, the all women’s platform. As a result, she removed herself from social media

During the launch of AEW Heels, Brandi got attacked by a number of n-bombs on social media. Her husband Cody Rhodes revealed this during a recent interview. 

Brandi is not the first wrestler to go dark on social media. However, it is sad to see that racism and cyberbullying still play such a dominant role on social media.

Cyberbullying is a serious problem, not only among celebrities, but also children. Going dark on social media is the best thing to do in these situations, as it prevents further emotional distress.

Of course, Brandi Rhodes is the Chief Brand Officer and social media does play a role in that. However, she does not need to use her personal account for this role. 

In conclusion, Brandi did the right thing and I fully support her in it. However, things need to change on social media so that it can be a safe environment for women like Brandi who are trying to make a difference.

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