Brandi Rhodes Left Twitter, WWE’s Anti-AEW Contract

brandi rhodes left twitter

Though she is an AEW executive, Brand Rhodes left Twitter recently, and for good reason.

Also, with more former Superstars opening up, we’ve got details on WWE and their anti-AEW contract.

Brandi Rhodes Left Twitter

If you follow AEW personalities on social media, you may have noticed that Brandi Rhodes left Twitter recently.

brandi rhodes left twitter

At first glance, the move could be considered curious, especially given Rhodes’ role within AEW.

When the explanation was given by husband Cody Rhodes, the decision looked like a wise and understandable move.

The decision was noticed by plenty of outlets, including an article on Forbes.com.

The reason may be a shock to some, but probably won’t be for most.

It turns out, social media can be a source of great hate. People try to hide behind their theoretical anonymity to be completely cruel and vile.

This was the case with Brandi Rhodes. As husband Cody explained, Brandi was getting inundated with a slew of hateful and racist messages.

Rather than endure them, or spend exhaustive amounts of time and energy blocking people, the AEW executive deleted her account.

While her executive role within AEW would seem to want her to be engaged on Twitter, it does not call for her to be abused.

As creative as AEW is, surely they will find other ways to fill the void of Rhodes leaving the platform. Regardless, no one should have to put up with any hate speech.

It’s sad that even in 2020, people can’t keep views to themselves and let people live their own lives.

WWE’s Anti-AEW Contract

It had been noted before that WWE was trying to keep talent from jumping ship when AEW burst onto the scene last year.

Vince McMahon even went so far as to offer WWE’s anti-AEW contract to Superstars.

Curt Hawkins finds new home after WWE release

While that sounds kind of ominous, let’s put it another way. WWE was making contract offers to a wide variety of Superstars, in an effort to prevent talent from moving on to AEW.

Over the last eighteen months, McMahon and WWE have offered longer terms and bigger dollar amounts to some unlikely Superstars.

More than a few eyebrows were raised when WWE extended Mike and Maria Kanellis, for example. The couple, and many others, were released in the Spring.

Now that those released wrestlers are beginning to work elsewhere, some are speaking up about things.

One such wrestler is Brian Myers, better known as Curt Hawkins.

Myers spoke with David Penzer on his podcast recently, where the subject of the absurd contracts came up.

As Myers put it, the money was “crazy”, as was the term. It was noted that any new contract was set for 5 years.

Myers went on to add that any time a Superstar turned down the incredible amount, the amount would go up for any new offers to any Superstars.

He was one that was happy within WWE and ecstatic with the contract figures. He and others never expected WWE to release anyone.

He’s  also surprised that six months in, WWE is the only wrestling company to do so.

Myers is back with Impact Wrestling and seems happy to have found a new home once again.

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