AEW Wrestler Told To Go Back To Impact Wrestling

AEW Santana and Ortiz

AEW’s Santana and Ortiz have enjoyed success in All Elite Wrestling as members of The Inner Circle. However, a wrestling fan took to social media and told Santana to go back to Impact Wrestling.

Santana responded to the fan’s prompts on social media.

Fan Critiques Santana

AEW Santana responds to fan comment

While Santana and Ortiz have been quite prominent on AEW, a fan stated Santana did nothing of note on the brand. He even went further to say he should return to Impact Wrestling.

Of course, it would not take long for Santana to respond to the comment.


New Brand

It is easy to criticize AEW for not doing certain things at the moment. But, we cannot forget that All Elite Wrestling is pretty new at this point.

All Elite is currently building a select few wrestlers to attract viewers, and they are doing it the right way. Of course, this also means that the brand does not switch storylines as quickly as WWE.

AEW does have lengthy storylines with a proper build and a result. A prime of such a feud is the one between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy.

Could Santana and Ortiz get a bit more exposure? Of course, and I have no doubt that will happen in the future.

For now, Santana and Ortiz still get exposure as members of The Inner Circle. And what better way to build your characters under the wing of Chris Jericho?

The Issue With Tag Team Wrestling

The Young Bucks

Much like WWE, tag team wrestling does not get the biggest platform at AEW. Nevertheless, it is a bigger platform compared to WWE.

All Elite Wrestling has some of the most talented tag teams on its roster. FTR, Butcher and the Blade, and even The Young Bucks.

Most recently, AEW raked up over a million viewers on a match between Butcher and the Blade and The Young Bucks.

Santana and Ortiz are tag team wrestlers, but remain within the Inner Circle. There will come a time when the pair head back to the tag team division and shine. 

AEW Wrestling belt

For now, the tag team division has its hands full with four specific tag teams. These teams are FTR, The Young Bucks, Butcher and the Blade, and Kenny Omega with Hangman Adam Page.

It is clear that Hangman Page and Omega are on the verge of splitting up. It is possible that Kenny Omega will be doing a heel turn pretty soon.

With Page and Omega going back to singles, it leaves a tag team spot open on the All Elite Wrestling brand. And what better team to take that spot than Santana and Ortiz?

Women’s Tag Team Wrestling

AEW women's tag team division

We cannot forget that AEW has now started with women’s tag team wrestling as well. There is a tournament at the moment that will determine the inaugural champions.

In short, it is clear that AEW is starting to pay a bit more attention to the tag team division. They have the teams and they have the right creative attitude, so nothing is really stopping them now.

As for Santana and Ortiz, there are plenty of storylines to head into as members of The Inner Circle.

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