A Look Back At Renee Young’s WWE Career And Her Future

Renee Young WWE Career

Renee Young put in her notice with the WWE last week. With the broadcaster leaving the company, it is time to look back at Renee Young’s WWE career and her opportunities for the future.

Renee Young’s Early Life And Career Before WWE

Renee Young's Career before the WWE

Renee Young was born as Renee Jane Paquette on September 19, 1985. During her childhood, she worked on and off as a model.

After finishing high school, Young applied to numerous colleges and started training in improv comedy. When she was 19, she decided to move to Los Angeles and chase a career as a comedic actress. 

Young would eventually return to Toronto and audition for films, movies, and commercials there. Due to a lack of opportunities, she eventually decided to get into broadcasting instead.

One of Renee Young’s first career opportunities came at the Score Television Network. In 2009, she worked on a program called Right After Wrestling. 

Young eventually signed with the WWE in 2012 and was awarded the ring name Renee Sterling. She appeared on WWE television for the first time during 2012 Survivor Series.

Renee Young’s WWE Career

Renee Young appeared in WWE for the first time during Survivor Series 2012

Renee has been with the WWE for a whopping eight years. As mentioned earlier, she made her debut on the brand as a co-host on the pre-show of Survivor Series.

In 2013, Young made her debut as a backstage interviewer for NXT. In February of that same year, she started doing interviews exclusively for the WWE. 

It only took Renee Young a year to make it to the main roster. Upon arriving there, she interviewed many wrestling starts on SmackDown including Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus.

Over the years, Renee became a prominent figure on main roster wrestling in the WWE. In fact, she was the first woman to call a full episode of Monday Night Raw.

Possible Reasons For Her Departure

Renee Young might be leaving for a number of reasons

There is currently a lot of speculation about the reasons why Renee Young is leaving her WWE career behind. Those reasons range from the coronavirus pandemic to her husband Dean Ambrose.

WWE’s Handling Of The Coronavirus Crisis


The WWE has been heavily criticised for the way they handled the coronavirus pandemic within their company. After all, several of their employees got infected, which was mainly blamed on their lack of accurate testing procedures.

Renee Young was one of the WWE employees who came down with the coronavirus. Her infection also stopped Jon Moxley from defending his title on AEW Dynamite. 

Even though Renee Young pulled through, she took to social media hinting at her displeasure with the company. Of course, you cannot really blame her considering the WWE did not protect employees against coronavirus as they should have.

Husband Jon Moxley Being At Rival Promotion

Renee Young could be leaving WWE because of Dean Ambrose

Another potential reason why Renee Young might have put in her notice is her husband Jon Moxley, real name Jonathan Good. After all, her husband has been working for a rival promotion for some time now.

Renee and Jonathan Good met while they were both working for the WWE. However, Good soon became unhappy with how things were in the WWE.

Shortly after marrying Renee, Jonathan Good decided to leave the WWE and signed with AEW wrestling. Evidently, this might have been a point of contention, as AEW is WWE’s main competition.

While it is unlikely that working for rival promotions has affected their relationship, it is possible that the couple want to spend more time together. Working for separate promotions can make that more difficult.

Future Prospects

Renee Young

We do not need to tell you that there are many opportunities for Renee Young in the future. Even though the sports industry is not doing great because of the coronavirus, it does not mean they will ignore a talent like Renee. 

XFL Opportunity

Could Renee Young be leaving WWE for the XFL

Renee Young leaving the WWE could also have been down to finding a new opportunity. A little while ago, it was revealed that The Rock purchased the XFL with his business partners.

When it was revealed The Rock purchased the XFL, Renee Young took to social media asking if she should put in her resume. Of course, since Renee Young is leaving the WWE now, that comment is getting a lot more attention.

Of course, the XFL does come with its own set of problems. The company went bankrupt twice under the management of Vince McMahon, so let’s see if The Rock can do better.

Comedy Career

Comedy Career in the works

In some recent interviews, Renee Young revealed that she had the intention of chasing a comedy career. After all, this was what Renee wanted to do from an early age.

The coronavirus pandemic might not be the ideal time to launch a comedy career though, as many venues are still closed at the moment. But, if Renee Young is chasing a comedy career and leaving the WWE for it, I am sure she has a plan in place. 

AEW Career

Renee and Jonathan Good

Of course, the biggest rumor going around at this point in time is that Renee will join AEW. After all, this is the promotion her husband Jon Moxley joined.

That being said, I do not think this is necessarily the plan of action for her. Before the news of her release, Renee mentioned how she was sick and tired of people speculating about an AEW move.

Being the wife of one of the most prominent members of the AEW roster certainly did not help. However, it does put Renee Young in a unique position.

Opportunities are bound to come knocking for her, some of them beyond the realm of wrestling such as ESPN.

If Renee were to get a deal with the people at All Elite Wrestling, it would pull more than a few viewers from WWE. It might be just a curiosity thing from the fans part, but it could be enough to make some fans switch to AEW permanently. 

As soon as Renee Young leaves the WWE and can work elsewhere, I am sure we will hear what she has in mind. We wish Renee Young the best in her future endeavours and cannot wait to see what she will do next.