5 Wrestlers Who Were At The Height Of Fame When Having Their Kids

wrestlers Height Fame kids

Being a professional wrestler leaves little time for a personal life. However, some WWE wrestlers manage to combine the height of their fame while having kids.

Here are five wrestlers who had their kids at the height of their fame.

5 Wrestlers Who Were At The Height Of Fame When Having Their Kids

1. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are extremely busy people. Fortunately, this has not stopped them to build their family. 

Over the course of their WWE career, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had three children. Aurora Rose arrived in 2006, followed by Murphy Claire in 2008 and Vaughn Evelyn in 2010.

You would expect that there would be little time for anything else during those four years. However, this was far from the case for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Between 2007 and 2009, Triple H won the WWE Championship numerous times. On top of that, Stephanie McMahon was the Raw General Manager. 

Having three children at the height of a wrestling career is not easy. However, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon most certainly did just that.

Another interesting fact is that one of the daughters is currently training as a wrestler. It remains to be seen if she will continue in the wrestling business or not.

2. Bray Wyatt And Jojo Offerman

Bray Wyatt and Jojo Offerman

Bray Wyatt has been quite prominent on WWE television for quite some time. The same applies for Jojo Offerman as a ring announcer.

The relationship between Bray Wyatt and Jojo Offerman did not start without its controversy. In fact, when their relationship came out, Bray Wyatt was technically still married.

While Bray Wyatt and Jojo Offerman denied an affair, the dark cloud has always been there. However, it did not impact the careers of Bray Wyatt and Jojo. 

In May 2019, Bray Wyatt and Jojo welcomed their child Knash Sixx Rotunda. Unfortunately, the birth did not go easy as Jojo hemorrhaged during labor. 

Even though everything turned out okay, you would expect Bray Wyatt to take it a little easier after the birth of his child. However, the opposite was the case.

Shortly after the birth of Knash, Bray returned to wrestling with his demon Fiend character. His character was anything but child-friendly though.

While Wyatt appeared as the host of a “children’s show”, it soon became clear this was not the case. It was clear Bray Wyatt’s new character was more disturbed than the previous one (if that is even possible).

So, instead of taking it easier, Bray Wyatt reinvented himself as The Fiend and became even more prominent in WWE. 

3. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

It is difficult to find a wrestler that is more popular than Daniel Bryan. In addition to that, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are one of the most beloved couples in the WWE.

In 2017, Daniel Bryan became the SmackDown Live General Manager. At the time, it was expected he would never wrestle again because of a serious injury

2017 was an important year for Daniel Bryan and Brie though, because this is when they had their daughter Birdie. Despite the birth of their daughter, both returned to the ring a few months later in 2018.

The miracle comeback of Daniel Bryan put the wrestling world on its proverbial head. Naturally, this meant he was busier than ever. 

Brie also returned to wrestling with sporadic appearances after the birth of Birdie. In October of 2018, Brie Bella announced she was retired. 

Daniel Bryan on the other hand continued with a busy WWE career. Last week, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella welcomed their second child.

Busy days for the former WWE Champion, but he shows no signs of slowing down.

4. Miz And Maryse

wrestlers Height Fame kids

The It Family has always been busy. Even though Maryse has been retired for many years, she is a busy businesswoman and stars in her own reality show. 

Of course, The Miz has shown no signs of slowing down either. He has built a successful career in WWE and won multiple championships.

In 2018, Miz and Maryse welcomed their first child Monroe Sky Mizanin. Only two months before giving birth, Maryse was part of the Raw 25th Anniversary episode.

A mere two months after giving birth to Monroe, Miz and Maryse were shooting segments for the Mixed Match Challenge. Three months after giving birth, they were both on SmackDown full-time.

It does not stop there there. Nine months after giving birth, Maryse was in a mixed tag team match against Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. 

And it keeps going, because that February, Maryse announced she was pregnant again. In September of 2019, they announced the birth of their second daughter Madison Jade Mizanin.

Do these people ever take a day off? 

5. Mike and Maria Bennett

wrestlers Height Fame kids

Formerly known as Mike and Maria Kanellis in the WWE, the pair had some busy months while being active wrestlers in the WWE. 

While engaged in an active storyline in the WWE, Mike and Maria Bennett announced they were expecting their second child. Carver Mars Bennett was born on 2/3/2020. 


Mike and Maria Bennett have two children, Carver Mars and Frederica. However, the second pregnancy was no reason to slow down.

WWE decided to use Mike and Maria Bennett in a pregnancy related storyline. Unfortunately, it went nowhere and Mike and Maria Bennett disappeared in the background again.

And the news did not get much better for the couple. Shortly after the birth of their second child, both Mike and Maria Bennett were released from the WWE. 

Mike and Maria were released alongside other wrestlers during the coronavirus pandemic. At the time, Vince McMahon claimed that the COVID-19 crisis forced his hand.

A few weeks later though, WWE boasted about its huge profits during the coronavirus crisis. In other words, countless wrestlers were released just to increase the profit margin.

Since their release and the birth of their son Carver, there has been little news about Mike and Maria Bennett. Maria’s Instagram is packed with family snaps. She also posted an interesting message a little while ago.


The message could hint at retirement from wrestling and a renewed focus on family. Of course, Mike and Maria are excellent wrestlers, so I would not rule out a return to the ring just yet. 

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