Why Vince McMahon Killed Shayna Baszler Push, Bully Ray Out Of ROH

vince mcmahon shayna baszler

Many fans were excited to see what Shayna Baszler would do once she hit the main roster, but things fizzled quickly. We have more on why Vince McMahon killed Shayna Baszler’s push.

Also, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray is out of ROH.

Why Vince McMahon Killed Shayna Baszler Push

Shayna Baszler seemed poised for rapid main roster success.  Things didn’t quite pan out so far, so why did Vince McMahon kill off Shayna Baszler’s push?

According to the Wrestling Observer, the reason is a bit bizarre.

Specifically, Vince McMahon isn’t pushing Shayna Baszler because he does not get her MMA character, nor does he see her translating to the typical female Superstar.

vince mcmahon shayna baszler

At the risk of stating something too obvious, this is a bit shocking.

After all, one would think that Vince McMahon signed off on Ronda Rousey as a WWE Superstar-and RAW Champion. Surely he knew of her MMA background?

Ironically, of the two, Baszler is and was much more seasoned as a professional wrestler. Many think that, of the two, Baszler is the better actual professional wrestler.

In spite of all that, McMahon does not buy into her as a major star.

Also working against her, one has to think, is that she was a favorite of Paul Heyman. Heyman, of course, was ousted not that long ago.

There are reports indicating that numerous Baszler-related programs were pitched, and Vince shot them all down. This one is an interesting one, and if true, says a lot…most of which isn’t good.

This is just another baffling decision from the boss.

Bully Ray Out Of ROH

Speaking of ties to the land of Extreme…Bully Ray is out of ROH.

The man also known as WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray is no longer a part of the major promotion.

Now, as bad as that sounds, there is some important context to it.

Bully Ray’s Ring of Honor contract was up. That expiring contract was not renewed.

However, at this point, Ring of Honor has not renewed any expiring contracts. That move is part of their plan as they navigate life during a pandemic, apparently.

The expectation is that ROH is not signing any talent to new contracts until they can start filming again. In that case, while there may be a risk of losing some talents, it makes sense from a business perspective.

There are no indications that the relationship between Bully Ray and ROH are bad. Perhaps the two even have an understanding, which once things get back to normal, would see Bully Ray re-sign with the promotion.

With that in mind, however, Bully Ray is officially a free agent, so he could sign with anyone if he wanted to.

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