Who Will Vince McMahon Leave The WWE To When He Retires?

Vince McMahon will not leave the WWE to his children

Many assumed the WWE would be divided between Stephanie and Shane McMahon when Vince leaves the company. However, this does not seem to be the case.

According to recent reports, Vince McMahon has a different successor in mind for the company.

Triple H To Be  Vince’s Successor?

Triple H set to become Vince's successor

If current rumors are to be believed, Triple H will inherit the WWE business. In other words, Triple H will become Vince’s successor upon his departure.

The wrestling legend currently runs NXT with great success. But it seems Vince has even bigger plans for his son-in-law.

According to WWE legend Jim Ross, Vince will leave the company in the hands of Triple H. So, in addition to NXT, it means he would run Raw and SmackDown as well.

During an interview, Jim Ross stated HHH is the prime candidate:

“The money would be on, probably, Paul Levesque to be Vince’s successor. I think Vince is kind of preparing him for that in a lot of ways.”

Is Triple H The Obvious Choice?

Is Triple H the best choice?

While Jim Ross’ statements are speculation, it wouldn’t  be too difficult to imagine.

After all, Triple H has been most involved with the WWE product over the years.

Shane and Stephanie McMahon took on different roles in the company over the years. Yet, neither of them have been really prepared to take over the company.

So, Jim Ross’ statements might be correct. If Triple does become the chairman, I expect some interesting changes in the future.

What Happens When Triple H Becomes The WWE Boss?

Could triple H become the WWE boss?

Triple H as the WWE boss would not be a bad idea. In fact, I believe many fans would prefer Triple H over any other McMahon family member.

While both McMahon children grew up in the wrestling business, they have a different perspective. They both had to work their way up too, but getting into the WWE as a wrestler is a whole lot harder.

Triple H has that unique perspective, as well as an incredible drive. Contrary to other wrestlers at the time, Triple H dreamed of more than a good wrestling career.

But what kind of changes could we expect from Triple H when he does take over? Well, I have high hopes for those.

Triple H Has An Eye For Talent

Contrary to Raw and SmackDown, I still enjoy watching NXT. There are good storylines built over the course of months and years, which the company desperately needs.

Triple H also has an eye for talent. This much is clear when you look at some of the recent acquisitions to the NXT brand.

Characters are built properly in NXT without interruption. And while there are the occasional issues, it seems Triple H has a firm understanding as to what fans want.

When it comes to the main roster, Triple H could bring in some amazing changes. Longer storylines and building genuine legends are just some of the things I look forward to.

With Triple H, I also hope that the culture within the WWE changes. As mentioned by Kenny Omega recently, there is a culture of fear under the reign of Vince McMahon.

If Triple H becomes the WWE boss, this could mean a total culture change for the world’s biggest wrestling promotion.

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