Vince McMahon’s Extreme Influence, Kairi Sane Set For Final Appearance

vince mcmahons extreme influence

There was at least one match at last night’s Extreme Rules that had the boss all over. So which match had the benefit of Vince McMahon’s Extreme influence?

Also, former Women’s Tag Team Champion Kairi Saine is set for her final appearance on WWE television.

Vince McMahon’s Extreme Influence

Everyone knows that the WWE boss loves to control anything he can when it comes to matches. So which one from Sunday had Vince McMahon’s Extreme influence?

vince mcmahons extreme influence

According to PWInsider, one match we know for sure had McMahon’s hands all over it was the “Eye for an Eye” match between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio.

In terms of his involvement, it was noted that McMahon had a lot to do with the weapons that came into play. In addition to the weapons, he had a lot to say about the overall pace and how things unfolded.

One bit, at the very end of the segment, screamed classic Vince McMahon. Having Seth Rollins vomit in response to Rey Mysterio “loosing his eye” is right up Vince’s alley.

Anyone who remembers the story of Darren Drozdov should know that, of course. For further proof, just go watch “Beyond The Mat”.

The end result of the match, of course, was that Seth Rollins won. Given Rey Mysterio’s contract uncertainty, a Mysterio loss could indicate he’s going away for a while.

Or, it could all just be part of a slower build toward a bigger return down the road. McMahon is said to have a tremendous amount of trust in the future Hall of Famer, after all.

Kairi Sane Set For Final Appearance

A former Women’s Tag Team Champion, Kairi Sane is set for her final appearance on WWE television.

There has been tons of speculation in recent months over the long term status of Sane, and frankly, of other Japanese WWE Superstars.

In the case of Kairi Sane, she’s had a bit of a disappointing run following an NXT Championship run. While she has captured tag team gold, she’s also been concussed a time or two.

Her departure isn’t exactly unexpected in the grand scheme of things. Sane was married earlier in 2020, and her husband is in Japan.

Pre-coronavirus, the thought per PWInsider, was that Kairi Sane would have headed back around May. However, the pandemic changed a lot of plans and made travel a mess.

Per the report, it appears that Kairi Sane’s final WWE appearance will happen during this round of television tapings. WWE is set to record today, following Extreme Rules.

While it is unfortunate to see Sane go, especially when Asuka and Sane both recently teased a dream one on one match, the Superstar is said to be leaving on good terms.

She may be heading home to Japan for good reasons, but the door is no doubt open for returns down the road.

Of course, who knows what kinds of travel issues will be in the way in the future, as the pandemic keeps making things interesting.

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