“Vince McMahon Failed As A Leader” – Former WWE Star Speaks Out

Vince McMahon failed leader

Former WWE superstar Eric Young spoke out about Vince McMahon on Busted Open RadioA week after attacking the WWE’s broken system, the wrestler states Vince McMahon failed as a leader.

Eric Young Did Not Take His Release Personally

Eric Young did not take release personally

Before elaborating on Vince McMahon’s leadership, the former WWE wrestler stated he did not take his release personally. However, he did say that it was a single person making a “massive mistake.” 

Obviously, Young was referring to Vince McMahon

Before his main roster debut, Young was doing brilliantly on NXT as the leader of Sanity. The faction enjoyed great success, but was broken up almost immediately on the main roster.

Young disappeared in the background. Shortly afterwards, he was released with many others.

Eric Young stated Vince McMahon always treated him with respect. Nevertheless, he did have some harsh words for the WWE Chairman.

“If you have a three-hour wrestling show and you can’t find something for me to do, you’re failing as a leader,” Young stated. “Plain and simple. You failed your company, the shareholders, the fans, and yourself. The reason I wasn’t on the show was his choice – no one else’s.”

WWE Continues To Lose Viewers

WWE troubles continue with declining numbers

More troubles are on the horizon for the WWE. So, Vince McMahon’s leadership is pulled into question further. 

One of the biggest visible issues is the lack of viewers. This week, RAW hit an all-time low with only 1.463 million viewers.

So far, there are several reasons why many people stopped watching the WWE. While the lack of fans could be a contributor, the actual cause could be much deeper than that.

Sick Of Backstage Drama

Fans have become more aware of the culture in the WWE. Over the past couple of years, there has been plenty of reason for that.

So, let’s recap the drama that’s been happening. Could these events have led to people tuning out of the WWE permanently? 

WWE Mass Releases

Countless releases on Black Wednesday

Some of the most recent of WWE’s troubles undoubtedly stem from the mass releases. On Black Wednesday, the company decided to release countless stars.

Rusev, Gallows and Anderson, but also Zack Ryder were some of the released names. 

At the time, Vince McMahon claimed his hand was forced due to coronavirus. Later, the company boasted about huge profits during the coronavirus crisis.

In other words, the wrestler releases were good for none other than a bigger profit margin. 

In this case, Vince McMahon’s leadership showed he values more money over people. If the statements from the WWE about its profits were correct, then the company showed its true dark colors.

Essential Business Status

WWE image problems

WWE’s image troubles continue with the essential business status it obtained. While most businesses went into lockdown, WWE was declared as essential under Vince McMahon’s leadership.

As WWE continued operating, it came under more scrutiny. Rumors started circulating about fans being scared for their health.

An anonymous staff member mentioned there was no social distancing or PPE present. He also slammed the testing procedures of the company.

The matter was brought to the state of Florida. However, nothing was done to reprimand the company or demand change.

Once again, this puts the WWE in a bad light.

Fear Culture

Jon Moxley calls Vince McMahon a Madman

One of the biggest things fans have problems with is the fear culture in the WWE. Kenny Omega recently referred to this culture on his social media account.

Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose, also spoke out about WWE’s toxic culture. In his statement, he even referred to Vince McMahon as a Vince McMahon as a madman.

The treatment of wrestlers in the WWE has not gone unnoticed among fans. In fact, some of them have turned against WWE completely.

Since wrestling is an escape for many people, the last thing they need is backstage drama. I have no doubt that a lot of WWE’s troubles with viewership stem from that.

The fear culture does not only refer to Vince McMahon either. There is most definitely a hierarchy backstage.

JBL is a prime example of the power structure in the WWE. Not only was he accused of bullying over the course of two decades, he got away without any repercussions. 

Saudi Arabia Deal

several organisations called for fans to stop followingWWE

Another big turning point in WWE’s troubles was their deal with Saudi Arabia. As a country that wipes its feet with human rights, many organisations called out to fans to boycott, including Code Pink.

A large portion of fans turned against WWE as a result of the deal. However, they were not the only ones.

WWE’s own shareholders have little trust in Vince McMahon’s leadership. At the time of this article, there is a class action lawsuit against the WWE.

Shareholders believe that the deal with Saudi Arabia is jeopardizing the company. They also claim that vital information regarding the deal is missing.

Recently, Vince McMahon revealed that it is likely the company will return to Saudi Arabia before the end of 2020. 

The Loyal Fans Who Remain

WWE has some loyal fans left

Of course, not everyone has given up on the WWE. Despite its viewership losses, the brand still holds the attention of more than 1.4 million people.

While there is no denying that there are some troubles in the WWE, the company is not in free fall yet.

However, some changes do need to be made.

There are some aspects of the WWE that still speak to the audience. 

The product is no longer the best on the market, at least not in my personal opinion.

I also have no doubt that other wrestling fans might disagree with me on that point. 

Fortunately, you do have a choice as a wrestling fan these days. If you still love wrestling and you find no joy in WWE anymore, there are other places to go to watch.

Of course, the same applies to those still loyal to WWE. If you enjoy the product, then you should keep watching it. 

Wrestling is a personal choice, and this also applies to the brand you watch. 

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