SummerSlam on a boat

WWE is looking at unusual pay-per-view locations to draw more viewers. In other news, WWE’s return to Saudi Arabia might take place before the end of 2020.

SummerSlam On A Boat?

SummerSlam taking place on a boat

There are some rumors that the location for SummerSlam could be truly unique this year. If anything, the company hopes to draw more viewers with a unique location.

And that unique location could be a cruise ship. According to Mike Johnson from PW InsiderWWE are considering the boat option for SummerSlam.

Ratings may not be the only reason for WWE’s boat idea. After all, coronavirus cases in Florida are higher than ever.

While WWE was declared an “essential business“, it does not mean that status could not be revoked. By taking a boat on international waters, it could bypass this little problem.

Problems With The Boat Options

SummerSlam on a boat

There are obviously some issues with the boat option. While it is an interesting location, the boat is different from the performance center

One of the main concerns is obviously the weather. Weather tends to turn at the end of August, so a boat might not be the best location for a pay-per-view.

We also have no doubt that WWE has some other original ideas for SummerSlam. So, it remains to be seen if the boat will be the final destination.

WWE’s Return To Saudi Arabia

WWE might return to Saudi Arabia before the end of 2020

WWE is under heavy scrutiny for their continuing deals with Saudi Arabia. In spite of this, the company is planning their Saudi Arabia return for 2020.

In a recent statement, Vince McMahon stated a return to Saudi Arabia is likely.

“Oh, that’s a possibility. Obviously, Saudi has been going through what we in America have been going through. As far as COVID’S concerned. Right now, I think they’re doing a little bit better than we are [in the U.S.], considerably better. So there’s a possibility that we’ll will still get a show in before the end of the year, as was scheduled. But we’re not certain because, you know, who can be certain about what COVID-19 is going to do.”

The Issues With Saudi Arabia

Vince McMahon saudi arabia deal

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding the Saudi Arabia deal. Recently, several shareholders filed a lawsuit against the WWE in regards to the Saudi Arabia deal.

Around the same time, a witness came forward claiming WWE superstars were held hostage during the plane incident. At the time of this article, the WWE continued to deny these claims.

As you may know, the WWE has some amazing spin doctors. According to them, it is just a case of bad journalism.

Nevertheless, the lawsuits and rumors continue to follow WWE. The company also had to deal with criticism regarding their coronavirus practices.

In short, there is no doubt WWE has a serious image problem at the moment. For some fans, this was the turning point that led them away to AEW. 

Of course, we cannot forget about the superstars going back to Saudi Arabia either. Several have mentioned they have no desire heading over to Saudi.

WrestleNewz will keep an eye on the situation and keep you informed of any updates.