Rusev & Zack Ryder To AEW? + More On Kairi Sane’s Future

Rusev Zack Ryder AEW?

Two former WWE names yet to sign anywhere are Rusev and Zack Ryder, but Cody Rhodes is watching. Also, do no expect to see Kairi Sane sign with AEW following her WWE departure.

Rusev & Zack Ryder To AEW?

When WWE let 40% of their employees go due COVID-19, many wondered where they would land. While there are options, the pandemic has caused most promotions to freeze any new hires.

Impact Wrestling saw the value in some of the talent and signed about five former WWE superstars. Those new additions debuted at their Slammiversary pay per view.

There are still plenty of names looking for a home. Two of the biggest wrestlers not yet signed are Miro (formerly known as Rusev) and Matt Cardona (formerly known as Zack Ryder). 

They are free to sign anywhere as their 90-day no compete clause is over. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is an option and Cody addressed those wrestlers while speaking with ESPN.

Cody On Miro And Zack Ryder Coming To AEW

“Obviously, those free agents should be on any radar,” said Cody. “They have literally drawn money, have TV experience and have high-profile experience. They have locker room experience. The pros heavily outweigh the cons.”

“Those are two great free agents. I’m not going to go as far to say that if I had to sign anybody, those would be the two that I would sign. But I think they’re great free agents. I think if they have the passion for pro wrestling, they’re going to continue to succeed.”

“We only have a two-hour show and a lot of our roster hasn’t even been fully realized or seen yet. I want to make sure we honor individuals like that. If you bring in a hot free agent, that means someone is going to lose a spot. That’s just the reality of it.” 

“In my capitalistic, cold nature that I have, I actually don’t mind that, because that makes everybody else step their game up. But, you do want to do it fairly and responsibly. The best wrestlers, no matter where they came from, you’re going to want on your show.”

Whatever happens, Miro and Cardona will find a new place to call home. 

At the same time, Cody makes a good point. The company is just over a year old and they do not want to take attention away from their homegrown talent.

AEW could have Miro and Cardona work a surprise match to gain some new interest. Cody’s weekly open challenge for the TNT Championship has seen some surprising names step-up.

More On Kairi Sane’s Future

Kairi Sane finished up her WWE run on Monday’s RAW. After the show, she confirmed her exit and WWE paid tribute on social media.

The decision for Sane to leave has been known for months. WWE has no ill feelings and consider her part of their family.

A major reason for Sane leaving was she wanted to return home to Japan. She has family and friends there, including her husband.

Fightful reports that WWE was hoping to keep Sane and use her as a coach in Japan. Due to COVID-19, WWE paused plans to expand their Performance Centers across several countries.

The report continued that WWE does not believe Sane will wrestle for AEW. As for overseas promotions, they understand she might work in Japan.

Sane won the Mae Young Classic, held the NXT Women’s Championship and was a Women’s Tag Team Champion with Asuka. She left on good terms and there is always the possibility she could return.

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