Popular WWE Star Will Be Leaving For AEW, But Can’t Just Yet

star leaving for AEW

WWE is in danger of losing more popular wrestlers to AEW. During a recent interview, Matt Hardy reveals that his brother is considering a move to the indie brand.

Matt Hardy Reveals All During New York Post Interview

Jeff Hardy wants to head to AEW, but still stuck to a contract

According to Matt Hardy, his brother Jeff is not leaving WWE anytime soon. The reason for that is Jeff Hardy’s current contract which has quite some time left.

 “It would be nice to say, like well we can do this big angle and then Jeff and I team up and we wrestle The Young Bucks. That would be amazing and great and hopefully down the road that happens. He still has a big chunk of time left on his deal, but we’ll see what the future holds.”

The statement made by Matt Hardy is a serious hint that Jeff Hardy considers a move to AEW. After all, the brothers are not apart for long. 

Once Jeff Hardy’s contract runs out, I have no doubt we will see him in AEW shortly afterwards. 

Why Matt Hardy Left WWE

Matt Hardy left WWE in march

Matt Hardy left WWE in March earlier this year. According to Matt, creative differences were the main reasons why he decided to leave.

As expected, the genius that is Matt Hardy turned up at AEW quickly. Of course, this led to a brilliant feud with Chris Jericho amongst others.

Jeff Hardy’s Contract

Jeff Hardy's injury led to contract issues

Interestingly, Jeff could have left WWE at the same time as his brother Matt. Unfortunately, an injury caused the WWE to add an additional year to the wrestler’s contract.

If our estimate is accurate, that would mean Jeff remains in the WWE until March 2021. After that, we can only guess what his plans are.

For now, it seems AEW has no problems using the Broken Gimmick. In fact, they love to refer to the different versions of Matt Hardy throughout their programming.

WWE Does Not Want To Lose Jeff

Jeff hardy

When you consider recent storylines, it seems like the WWE does not seem want to lose Jeff Hardy. Over the past couple of months, the brand focused on Hardy tremendously.

If it is true that Jeff considers a move to AEW, maybe they are keeping the star sweet on the company by giving him a lot of attention. At the moment, he has a feud with Sheamus.

WWE used Jeff’s struggles with addiction to fuel his storyline with Sheamus. The company also refers to Jeff’s final run, which is interesting to say the least.

Despite the claims made by WWE, I don’t believe this is Jeff’s final run in wrestling. It is more likely that it is his final run in World Wrestling Entertainment. 

As for a move to AEW, there are many prominent stars on the brand who are excited to see the wrestler on their brand. One of these prominent stars is none other than Jim Ross.

Jim Ross is currently an announcer at AEW. In addition to that, he is also one of the senior advisors on the brand.

The question is, are fans excited about this possible move too?

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