Next WWE Hollywood Star

The wrestling world has created many movie stars. Who looks to be the next WWE Hollywood star? Also, what was the timing of Sasha Banks championship decision?

Next WWE Hollywood Star

WWE has seen plenty of Superstars land roles in movies and television shows, from The Rock and John Cena to The Miz and Becky Lynch. Who will be the next WWE Hollywood star?

The answer? It appears as though it may be Charlotte Flair.

Flair, the decorated former champion, is of course off television for an undetermined amount of time. She stepped away for what has been deemed an elective surgery.

Per several reports, we may not see Charlotte Flair back in a WWE ring until 2021. Part of that is her recovery, part of that may be due to concerns surrounding coronavirus.

There may be another reason for time away.

It’s been reported by TalkSport that Charlotte Flair may have been offered a role with a major network television show. Per the report, this would not be a reality show, similar to Total Divas or Miz & Mrs.

Instead, this is said to be a scripted television program. No mention yet of what network, though WWE does have strong relationships with a certain major media outlet.

This one certainly would be an interesting development. For one, Charlotte Flair certainly seems to love what she does.

For another, many expect it to be her to break her father’s championship record, and she’s already well on her way to doing that.

However, like many Superstars before her have realized, wrestling can be a brutal way to earn a living-even if it can be a very good living.

Working in Hollywood, for movies or television, has it’s own grind and demands…but you generally aren’t taking bumps several hundred days per year.

Time will tell if it’s a role Flair lands, and what that could mean to her WWE future.

Timing Of Sasha Banks Championship Decision

Everyone should know by now that on this week’s RAW, Sasha Banks officially became the RAW Women’s Champion. What we can now get into is the timing of the Sasha Banks championship decision.

As in, when did WWE decide to put the RAW title on Banks, thus giving Sasha and Bayley all the gold between RAW and SmackDown?

According to Wrestling Observer, the plans changed very recently. As in, right before the recent run of tapings.

Prior to the tapings, the plan had been to keep the belt on Asuka, with her defending against an opponent too be determined.

However, as we had already heard, from the time Extreme Rules aired until the time RAW began taping the next day, much of the script was scrapped.

Among those torn up were the plans for Asuka as champion. That lead us to the title change, and here we are.

Now, with the way the title changed hands, WWE certainly makes it seem likely that we will get Asuka and Sasha Banks in a rematch for the RAW Women’s Championship at SummerSlam.

However, until such a match is actually announced, that part is purely speculation.