Kairi Sane Has “Complicated” WWE Status, Fans Are Stunned

Kairi Sane complicated WWE status

Kairi Sane was one of NXT’s biggest breakout stars, but this all changed on the main roster. Now, Kairi Sane’s WWE status is described as “complicated.” 

Previous Injury Puts Kairi Sane’s Status In Doubt

Kairi Sane's wrestling status is in doubt

WWE superstar Kairi Sane might not return to wrestling. Fightful Select claims a previous injury is putting her WWE status in doubt.

Even before the injury, it looked like Sane was heading back to Japan. However, this transfer would not happen inside a wrestling ring.

If Fightful Select is correct, then Kairi Sane may have suffered a career-ending injury. The site claims that Kairi was supposed to head to Japan as a brand ambassador, not a wrestler.

With the current pandemic, WWE is holding off on the international brand plans. Of course, this also means Kairi Sane remains in the background.

WWE Silent On Kairi Sane

WWE remains silent about Kairi Sane

WWE is remarkably silent when it comes to the status of Kairi Sane. On May 26th, the wrestler suffered a head injury during a match against Nia Jax.

Before the injury suffered at the hands of Nia Jax, Sane suffered a concussion at TLC in 2019. At the time, the concussion did not have implications for Kairi Sane’s career.

Given the latest developments, the injury suffered by Sane could be more serious than initially thought. Of course, it could also be a matter of WWE not knowing what to do with Sane.

In short, the “complicated” status does not tell us much about Kairi Sane’s future. It would be devastating if we never see her wrestling again though.

What Does This Mean For The Kabuki Warriors?

The Kabuki Warriors

WWE is definitely taking a single’s direction with Asuka, so it might mean the end of the Kabuki Warriors. It is a shame though, as I think they barely scratched the surface with this tag team.

Their reign as the tag team champions got some attention, but nowhere near the attention they truly deserved. I also think main roster WWE did not get the time to get to know Sane.

Back in NXT Kairi had a very well developed character as the Pirate Princess. Unfortunately, coming to the main roster saw her repackaged completely.

In other words, main roster fans do not really know much about Kairi, other than she accompanies Asuka to the ring. If she does return to wrestling, WWE should pay more attention to her character. 

So Much To Do, So Little Time

If she does not have an injury that prevents her from wrestling, Kairi needs to be used properly on the main roster. Unfortunately, the WWE tends to focus on the four horsewomen alone.

The division does not solely consist of the four horsewomen, but this is something the company seems to forget. Yes, they had great matches, but they are not the only standouts on the roster.

If Kairi returns as a singles competitor, there are loads of women she could face. One of the women includes Asuka, which could help her turn back into the Pirate Princess character.

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