Former WWE Wrestler Rusev Tests Positive For COVID-19

Rusev tests positive for COVID-19

Rusev, who was recently released from the WWE, shared bad news this week. Unfortunately, the wrestling star revealed he has come down with the coronavirus.

Rusev Reveals He Has Coronavirus During Twitch Stream

Rusev has COVID-19

Since his release from the WWE, Rusev has been streaming on Twitch. During one of his streams, Rusev revealed his positive COVID-19 diagnosis. 

He stated he was “100 percent, super-mega, incredibly positive” for coronavirus. He also mentioned he was about to meet Cesaro for a workout when the call came in.

No Taste And Smell

Rusev Coronavirus

The Bulgarian Brute mentioned how he recently lost his ability of taste and smell. As a result, he booked a consultation with his doctor. 

Rusev also stated he was surprised to receive the diagnosis. While he did feel fatigued over the past couple of days, he put it down to his workouts. 

While Rusev is now in quarantine, he reassured fans stating that he feels fine at the moment. He also said he will continue to upload videos during his quarantine.

So, for anything else Rusev, you can head to YouTube or his Twitch channel. We wish the Bulgarian Brute a speedy recovery.

Coronavirus Continues To Ravage Lana’s Family

Another case of COVID for lana's family

With Rusev positive for COVID-19, Lana has to deal with another family member struck down with the disease as well. Just a few days ago, Lana revealed her mom was admitted to hospital.

She would later post a photo on social media in support of her mom who was struggling to breathe.

Shortly after revealing her mom’s diagnosis, Lana also stated her dad tested positive. Needless to say, it has been a hard week for the WWE star.

Even though her husband tested positive for COVID, there is some good news as well. According to recent reports, Lana’s mom is on the mend.

As things stand, Lana’s family fought and is winning against this horrible virus.

What Does This Mean For Rusev?


Since his release from WWE, there has been no word about a wrestling return for Rusev. However, we are sure there are plenty of opportunities.

Rusev, now going under the name Miro, could consider AEW. This promotion is a great option, especially as it is in direct competition with WWE.

Miro could do wonders for the brand, too. After all, he could pull some WWE fans to the AEW product. 

Unfortunately, his current diagnosis means he will be out of action for a little while. Coronavirus has a minimum isolation period of two weeks.

While two weeks is the minimum, it could be longer depending on how Rusev recovers. 

No matter where he ends up, I am sure that the promotion will want to protect their staff. 

For now, we wish Miro a speedy recovery. And as always, we will keep you informed of the latest Rusev news and rumors.

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