Chris Jericho Star Reckless

Chris Jericho has been in the wrestling business for decades and considers Titus O’Neil reckless inside the ring. Also, Bruce Prichard is apparently stressed fulfilling his duties for RAW and SmackDown.

Chris Jericho Calls WWE Star Reckless

Chris Jericho has competed around the world for basically every top promotion. Along the way, he has collected plenty of titles and faced many wrestlers.

When it comes down to taking bumps, Jericho listed two names for being reckless inside the ring.

“Christian’s bodyguard was Tyson Tomko,” said Jericho. “His finish was very hard to take.” 

“Titus O’Neil too. The guy would just throw you, with no direction and with no care on how you’re going to land.”

Considering the time Jericho and Titus spent in WWE, their paths could not have crossed too many times. Jericho was always in the main event and Titus has struggled inside the ring.

For now, Jericho and Titus will not be seeing much of each other. Jericho is one of the top heels in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he was the first person to hold their World Championship.

As for Titus, he is featured more outside of the ring. Frequently, he can be spotted in videos looking to help communities become better places.

Bruce Prichard Stressed

Bruce Prichard Praises Eric Bischoff

Last year, WWE made Eric Bischoff the Executive Director of SmackDown and the same title went to Paul Heyman on RAW. Bischoff only lasted a few months before being replaced by Bruce Prichard.

Heyman kept the position for about a year until last month. WWE decided to remove Heyman from his position and now Prichard handles both shows.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and its fallout, WWE had to make major changes. Since Vince McMahon is always changing things around last minute, the pressure is adding up.

Conrad Thompson knows Prichard and sees everything starting to pileup. He spoke to Wrestling Inc about what Prichard must be feeling.

Prichard’s Dealings With WWE

“It’s not a little bit of stress, it’s a lot of stress,” said Thompson to Wrestling Inc. “We don’t have specific conversations cause I don’t want him to ever think that I’m being the guy trying to dig for scoops. 

“But yeah, every now and again, certainly I’ll get a call from Bruce and you can just hear it in his voice. He’s tired and sleepy. He’s stressing.” 

“And I can only imagine the amount of curveballs that are coming his way, not just from running a show on FOX, which my goodness, what a huge undertaking that is. But, now you’ve also got a show on USA. But, as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also happening during a pandemic on a closed set.”

“It’s just remarkable when you think about all the particular challenges and how many times they must have to – and nobody’s told me this – but I just assume they’ve had to write and rewrite and write and rewrite because there’s so many moving parts.” 

“There’s so many variables with who can travel, who can’t, who has a fever, who doesn’t. These are things where maybe once upon a time it was just something you didn’t have to worry about.”

“Cause in my day to day life, during the last three months, everything has not gone according to plan and I’m not writing five hours of TV every week. So, the idea that five hours of TV with hundreds of people comes off flawlessly and there’s no hiccups because of COVID? Yeah, that’s probably a little unrealistic.”

For now, it seems like Prichard will have to carry the load. McMahon is frequently making changes, so even Prichard is not immune from having his job title changed.