Chris Jericho Believes WWE Copied His Eye For An Eye Match Idea

Chris Jericho accuses WWE of stealing eye for an eye match idea

AEW’s Chris Jericho invented quite a few matches over the years. This included the iconic WWE Money in the Bank match. 

Now, Chris Jericho has taken to social media and accuses WWE of stealing one of his match idea. The match in question is AEW’s eye for an eye match.

WWE’s Horror Show At Extreme Rules

Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins announced for The Horror Show

WWE recently announced “The Horror Show” match between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio at the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV. 

Interestingly, WWE might have nicked the ideas for this match from Chris Jericho. In fact, the match stipulations prove very similar to the eye for an eye match.

The similarities between the matches made Chris Jericho take to twitter. While he encouraged people to watch AEW Dynamite, he also said the following.

Which Match Is Chris Jericho Referring To?

WWE/AEW match dispute

Chris Jericho is referring to a match that took place during AEW Dynamite in February of this year. The match took place between Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose) and Santana.

Of course, the even suggesting WWE of stealing the idea is some great advertising for AEW. After all, it can pull people to AEW Dynamite just to check out the specific match.

Chris Jericho Talks About Ratings Battle Between AEW Dynamite And NXT

Chris jericho discusses ratings war

Jericho commented on more than just the alleged match copy. In fact, he made it a point to discuss the recent ratings.

When popular media is to be believed, then NXT beat AEW in the ratings for a couple of weeks straight. This contrasts with the original victories the brand had.

According to Jericho, AEW is still the leading brand, and this was the reasoning behind his theory. 

“Here’s a lesson about television ratings kids. Last night @AEWrestling was NUMBER 6 in the 18-49 demo. To tv networks & advertisers it’s the ONLY number that matters and we were up 31% in that area! So once again #AEWDynamite is the REAL winner in the Wed night ratings war!”

Pulling In The Younger Demographics

In short, Chris Jericho focuses on the younger demographic, opposed to all wrestlers as a whole. Now, you could argue you should look at the entire demographic, and you would be right.

I do think that Jericho has a point. There is a stark contrast between NXT and AEW where popularity among the younger demographic is concerned. 

AEW ended up in sixth position, while NXT ended up 13th. So, how did NXT beat AEW?

Interestingly, the only demographic that beat AEW was the above 50 demographic. But is this important?

I would say so yes, because advertisers love the younger demographic. The younger demographic is also likely to continue to follow the brand as they get older, so WWE could end up in trouble over the course of time.

So, while you could say the entirety of the demographic is important during the ratings war, you cannot argue with some of the points made by Jericho. If I were a WWE shareholder,  I would start to pay some close attention to AEW.

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