Brock Lesnar Return Date Changed, New Plans Revealed

Brock Lesnar return date

Rumors earlier this month seemed to point at a possible appearance for appearance for Brock Lesnar at Summerslam at Summerslam. However, it seems the return date for the WWE star has now changed.

Brock Lesnar Will Not Return At Summerslam

Brock Lesnar's return date is not set for Summerslam

If The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is to be believed, Brock Lesnar will not return at SummerSlam. This also means that the rumored return date for Brock Lesnar was incorrect.

According to Dave Meltzer, Brock got pushed heavily at WrestleMania 36 because he won’t return soon.

Paul Heyman has also been conspicuously absent from the Raw roster.

Since Brock Lesnar will not appear on SummerSlam, it also means that his Raw Return will not happen anytime soon either.

However, when Brock Lesnar does eventually have his Raw return, it may be bad news for Drew McIntyre

No Drew McIntyre Versus Brock Lesnar

Future Drew McIntyre Plans

With Lesnar not appearing at SummerSlam, it also means Drew will be facing someone else. As previous rumors indicate, that someone could be Randy Orton.

While there are other possible choices, Randy Orton is the most likely. 

Randy Orton was supposed to face Edge at SummerSlam. However, since Edge got another injury, that match went down the drain. 

Now, Randy Orton needs an opponent. With Brock Lesnar missing from SummerSlam, it is likely Orton will try to take the title from Drew McIntyre instead.

Why The Dates Were Changed?

Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon

There could be some additional reasons for Brock Lesnar’s absence. In fact, some think that the decision was made by WWE management.

Some sources state that WWE management does not believe Brock should perform in an empty performance center. This is because they believe it does not fit his particular persona.

The actual reason could have something to do with money though. Getting Brock Lesnar for any event is a considerable expense for the WWE.

In other words, Brock may cost too much, especially in front of an empty arena. So, it is quite possible that we will not see Brock Lesnar until fans are allowed back in the arenas. 

Then there are the repeated allegations from Terri Runnels. According to the WWE legend, Brock Lesnar sexually harassed her during her time in the WWE.

The WWE could be avoiding another scandal in the wake of countless others, letting the fury die down first. 

What About Paul Heyman?

Paul Heyman Executive Director

I am left wondering what happened with Paul Heyman though. Since his release as the general manager, there has been so little news surrounding him.

Brock Lesnar without Paul Heyman is difficult to grasp. At the moment, I do believe he is still on the WWE payroll as Brock’s mouthpiece. 

It is a shame that Paul Heyman was released from his role as manager. After all, I thought Raw was a whole lot better with him on the helm.

The future will tell what WWE has in mind for Paul Heyman. Let’s just hope it is not an endless Brock Lesnar reign again, because that would be a waste.

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