Becky Lynch Reveals How She Found Out About Her Pregnancy

Becky Lynch reveals how she found out about her pregnancy.

WWE’s Becky Lynch recently revealed how she found out about her pregnancy. In fact, she revealed everything in a recent interview on the Bella Twins’ Podcast.

Becky Lynch’ Negative Pregnancy Test

Becky Lynch talks about the negative pregnancy test turning into a positive one.

According to Becky, there was some confusion about the pregnancy at first. The first pregnancy test Becky Lynch took actually turned out negative.

Becky revealed she started to feel sick shortly after WrestleMania. Then, she decided to take an early response pregnancy test.

Upon taking the test, Becky only saw a single line and assumed the test was negative. She then tossed the test in the bin.

However, when returning from the gym with her partner Colby (Seth Rollins), she noticed the test suddenly had two lines.

In other words, Becky Lynch now had a positive pregnancy test.

Becky then explained she took another regular test and the result was inconclusive. This caused her to obtain another test. This one was a digital test, and this gave Becky Lynch a definite positive result. 

“And then I got the digital test and the words just popped up. And I was just like, ‘wow!’ Colby just like threw his hands in the air and started screaming.”

Will Becky Return To Wrestling?

Becky Lynch

This has been the question on everyone’s mind. After all, Becky had to relinquish her title at the height of her reign as the women’s champion.

Seth Rollins briefly addressed the question in a previous interview. According to Seth, Becky is thinking about returning at some point in time.

He also admitted that things could change. After all, there is no way of telling if Becky might want to remain with her child after giving birth.

If Becky does return to pro wrestling, it is likely that she will have a part-time role. It could be quite similar to Brie Bella’s return.

Of course, any return for Becky Lynch would be wonderful for wrestling fans.

It would not matter if it is only part-time or a regular appearance.

Whichever Becky chooses at this point, it is very much her choice. Being a mother will be the job of a lifetime for her, that’s for sure.

When Is Becky’s Due Date?

Becky Lynch due date

Since her pregnancy was revealed in April 2020, her due date most likely falls in December. 

Of course, in addition to the arrival of their baby, Becky and Seth have more to do. Last August, the couple announced their engagement.

Because of the pandemic, Becky and Seth postponed their wedding that would have been in May.

It is likely that Becky and Seth will wait with their wedding until after the birth of their baby. In an interview, Becky did say that she is looking forward to having the wedding with one additional tiny guest. 

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