AJ Styles Not Ruling Out AEW Career But Wants WWE Retirement

AJ Styles AEW career

Legendary WWE wrestler AJ Styles is currently 43 years old. Evidently, this explains why the subject of retirement is a much discussed topic for him.

In a recent interview, AJ Styles admitted he does not rule out an AEW career. But interestingly, he wants a retirement career within the WWE.

Why AJ Styles Wants An AEW Career

AJ Styles want AEW Career

During his twitch stream, AJ Styles admitted he would not say no to an AEW career. While the star is not actively looking to join at the moment, he did not rule it out completely.

“As far as AEW goes, never say never right?”

Honestly, this was the smart answer. In recent months, AEW grew considerably.

AEW is quickly becoming a serious rival for the WWE, and wrestlers are taking note of that too. If things go haywire in the WWE, then there could be a home for them at AEW.

Of course, WWE has a lot of funds and fight left in the Wednesday Night Wars. After all, the company has been the king of wrestling for numerous years.

Even though they have lots of funds at their disposal, it does not mean  they are invincible. 

What AJ Styles Wants To Do After Retirement

AJ Styles wants to remain in WWE after retirement

Styles is already planning a career for himself after retirement. In fact, AJ Styles has a career as a WWE recruiter in mind.

“But, I think once my career is done, I’m hopefully just going to work for WWE in some capacity. What would I do? I’d like to be a recruiter, go scout some guys, I think that would be fun. I would have no problem going to the Indies.”

Considering his long track record as a wrestler, AJ Styles could be a brilliant WWE recruiter. After all, talent goes a long way in this industry.

Finding the right people with a good drive and a true passion for the business is what keeps wrestling alive. The last thing this business needs is more celebrities with a lack of passion for wrestling.

How Long Does AJ Styles Have Left?

AJ Styles retirement plans

In a previous interview, AJ Styles admitted that his next contract signing will be his last one before retirement. As the wrestler is now 43 years old, that statement could be quite accurate.

Of course, lots of wrestlers announced their intentions for retirement and never do. One prime example is The Undertaker.

Mark Calaway, better known as The Undertaker, has been wanting to retire for years. Nevertheless, the man keeps being pulled back to pro wrestling.

The same could more than apply for AJ Styles. However, his style is very different to that of The Undertaker.

Styles has many high-flying and risky moves, contrary to the slower style of The Undertaker. So, retirement may be forced on him rather than a choice.

AJ does have a family and has stated he wants more time to spend with them. As a recruiter, he could be able to do that without much trouble, but still spend time in the wrestling industry he loved for many years.

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