WWE Wrestling Gimmicks That Shouldn’t Have Worked, But Did

WWE wrestling gimmicks that shouldn't have worked, but did

Some of the WWE’s wrestling gimmicks throughout history were too crazy to believe. However, some of those crazy gimmicks became some of the biggest in wrestling history. 

Which of these wrestling gimmicks made it on our list?

The Undertaker

The Undertaker's crazy wrestling gimmick

The Undertaker is a man who resides in Death Valley and his parents died when their funeral home caught on fire. To make things even stranger, The Undertaker can summon lightning on command!

Give this gimmick to anyone else, and it would have been a laughing stock. However, Mark Calaway took the gimmick and became one of the most iconic wrestlers in history.


Kane became one of the most iconic wrestlers around!

Kane is The Undertaker’s brother, who burned down his parent’s funeral home (or so we are led to believe). Believed dead for years, Paul Bearer came out with Kane to take revenge on The Undertaker.

And the story continues, as Bearer claimed he was the father of Kane. It led to some long feuds, and the infamous Brothers of Destruction.

To add to the story, the man behind Kane became active in politics. Eventually, he became the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

Can it get much crazier?

Big Boss Man

Big Boss Men was one of the scary men in the attitude era

While there were many scary men in WWE history, none actually scared me more than Big Boss Man. And, with guys such as Undertaker and Kane also wrestling at this time, that is saying a lot.

Out of all the scary men in the WWE at the time, I cannot tell you till this day why Big Boss Man scared me the most. While his character was originally a face, the Attitude Era turned him into a Shield-like maniac!

Unfortunately, the man behind the character died way too early in 2004 because of a heart attack. However, he was inducted in the Hall of Fame by his former manager in 2016.

Superhero The Hurricane

Superhero Hurricane helms wrestling gimmick

If anyone asked me about my favorite superhero, it would have to be The Hurricane. Of course, not talking about the boxer in the film!

While wrestling involves lots of spandex, the superhero wrestling gimmick does not always hit it off with wrestling fans. However, there was one that did.

Wrestler-turned superhero “The Hurricane” was a solid favorite among wrestling fans, and still is today. Of course, it was less about the gimmick, and more about the man behind the character.

Much like the other weird gimmicks in this overview, the man behind the character was responsible for making it successful. 

Forgetful R-Truth

R-Truth is extremely liked, and not just for his wrestling gimmick

When R-Truth turned a little forgetful, it quickly caught on with the WWE Universe. And while he does need a proper championship reign other than the 24/7 title, he is still a fan favorite nonetheless. 

R-Truth is 48 and has been in the wrestling business for a long time. He perfected his character, simply by being his loveable self.

It is said that R-Truth is so loved backstage, Brock Lesnar wanted to be in the ring with him. And while he only comes out at the “wrong” pay-per-view saying “My Bad,” he is one of the most loved members of the current roster.

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