WWE Superstars Furious About Withheld Coronavirus Information

WWE withholds names of those infected

The atmosphere in the WWE is anything but pleasant at the moment. After WWE revealed several positive tests for coronavirus, several superstars are furious. 

Fightful Claims WWE Withheld Vital Information

WWE withholds names of those infected

According to FightfulWWE withheld important information while coronavirus sweeps through the company. As a result, it is impossible for stars to protect themselves. 

The point of contention stems from withholding the names of those who tested positive for coronavirus

For the first recorded case, WWE informed staff through an internal memo. However, now the company is withholding the names of those who tested positive.

Withholding names of infected people is irresponsible and dangerous.

All Staff Re-Tested

All WWE staff had to be re-tested

While the WWE withheld information in terms of those infected with coronavirus, they demanded all staff was re-tested. The company organized a testing drive-thru, but continues with its tapings nonetheless.

One of the superstars who spoke out about her coronavirus test was Alexa Bliss. She admitted her latest test was quite uncomfortable:

“My first one tickled, I nervous giggled and shot snot out of my nose haha this one … not one giggle.”

Inaccurate Testing Procedures

Inaccurate coronavirus testing

Several testing procedures are currently being scrutinized. The testing procedure used by the WWE is one of them.

A recently published study indicates that the test does not register positive on the first day of being contagious. On day four, there is only a 33% chance of a positive reading.

Evidently, these tests do not prevent wrestlers from infecting others. These results were also backed by the American College of Cardiology.

The faulty tests are not limited to the United States either. Testing procedures in the United Kingdom have also come under scrutiny. 

As tests are fiercely inaccurate, governments are beginning to rely on tracing practices instead. Of course, coronavirus is relatively new, so there is also the danger of mutations.

Even those who had coronavirus in the past are not necessarily immune. After all, the virus has shown it can mutate and you can get it again.

The mutations are not necessarily as bad as the original coronavirus. However, they can be a serious threat for people with weaker immune systems and pre-existing conditions.

In other words, infection tracing is almost the only way to keep the coronavirus contained worldwide. At this point, it seems WWE does not care much about it and is putting people in danger.

The Importance Of Infection Tracing

Infection tracing is vital for containment

Infection tracing proves vital for COVID-19 containment. So, the current approach of withholding names by WWE is a dangerous practice. 

Not only is WWE endangering its own staff, they put the public in danger, too. 

The best course of action is for the WWE to reveal the names. After all, the names help to trace other people who came into contact with the person.

Any person who came into contact with an infected person should be isolating for at least 14 days. However, WWE seems more interested in keeping their roster active.

Unfortunately, it seems WWE puts profits ahead of public safety once more. 

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