WWE Superstar Treats NXT Fans Well, Cash Wheeler-Vince McMahon Chat

superstar treats nxt fans

During some recent WWE tapings, a WWE Superstar treats the NXT fans well. Nikki Cross splurged and bought the stand-in fans all pizzas. Also, a year removed from the 2019 Hall of Fame  induction, what did Vince McMahon say to Cash Wheeler about the Bret Hart incident?

WWE Superstar Treats NXT Fans Well

Everyone knows that times are strange right now. WWE is finally back to shooting in front of people, though for now, those people are Performance Center and NXT Superstars.

Most of what we are seeing from WWE is still taped ahead of time, and there have been reports that conditions aren’t always the most pleasant. That hasn’t stopped a WWE Superstar from treating these fans well.

That Superstar? Nikki Cross.

superstar treats nxt fans

The treating? Cross recently bought pizzas for the entire group during a recent taping.

So, sure, it seems like a small gesture, but clearly those on the receiving end of the pizza were thrilled. We’ve heard reports of the long shoots and interesting instructions provided to those NXT Superstars.

Having one of the main roster Superstars show that they are supportive and thankful can mean a lot, even if it’s a seemingly small thing like pizzas.

Cash Wheeler-Vince McMahon Chat

Cash Wheeler no longer works for Vince McMahon and WWE, but he did leave us with one extremely memorable uppercut, among other things.

Wheeler, formerly Dash Wilder, now calls AEW home. He and partner Dax Harwood (Scott Dawson) were recently granted freedom from WWE.

However, last year during the Hart Foundation’s Hall of Fame induction, Wheeler did something he never dreamed of. As an unstable individual jumped onto the stage to attack Bret Hart, Wheeler was one Superstar who responded.

As the attacker was being subdued, Wheeler managed to land a fierce uppercut. After the fact, Cash Wheeler had to sit with The Boss to give him all the details.

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Given the magnitude of the event, it didn’t even need to be Wheeler’s word against that of the victim. There is and was plenty of camera footage, and it came in handy.

According to Wheeler, Vince McMahon wanted to discuss the incident one on one. That gesture was used by for all involved.

Wheeler, speaking with Jim Cornette, walked McMahon through what he saw prior to knocking the attacker out.

As for McMahon’s reaction?

In a not-so-surprising move, McMahon was as worried about liability than anything else. Vince wanted to make sure the defensive moves taken by WWE Superstars didn’t get him or them in hot water.

For Wheeler and the others, that incident was clearly them defending Bret Hart.

WWE may have wasted their last year with the company, but Wheeler certainly provided fans with one great moment outside of the ring to remember him by.

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