WWE superstar calls for Nia Jax to be fired

WWE fans have been quite critical of Nia Jax, who recently caused another injury in the ring. However, it not just fans who are critical, a WWE superstar allegedly called for Jax to be fired.

“Jax Needs To Be Fired”

WWE superstar calls for Nia Jax to be fired

Bryan Alvarez reports that a currently unknown superstar approached him after the Monday Night Raw tapings. According to Alvarez, this is the statement made by the wrestler in question.

“1000 percent Nia’s fault. She needs to be f**king fired. She is dangerous. Fire her before she cripples or kills somebody.”

The unnamed star did not stop there though; the wrestler claimed many other wrestlers in the locker room feel the same way.

It ‘s not the first time Jax finds herself in the media for unsafe practices in the ring. She broke Becky Lynch’s nose just before Survivor Series in 2018.

Buckle Bomb Banned

WWE has banned the Buckle Bomb

While the WWE did not punish Jax for her serious mistake with Kairi Sane, they did ban the Buckle Bomb that caused the injury. So, it seems the company blames the move opposed to the wrestler.

The Buckle Bomb has been used by numerous wrestlers in the past, and it does not exactly have an injury-free history. Most recently, Seth Rollins injured Sting by using that same move. 

In addition to Sting, Rollins also injured Finn Balor with the Buckle Bomb. Considering the track record of injuries, maybe banning the move is not a bad idea.

Unsafe Worker Controversy

Nia Jax has a reputation of being an unsafe worker

Jax has had a number of incidents since the start of her career which caused fans to speculate about her being an unsafe worker. And, during Total Divas, she was also accused of being an unsafe worker.

Even though Nia Jax is under lots of scrutiny at the moment, recently released Deonna Purrazzo came to Nia’s defense. During an interview with Wrestling Inc, she said that the superstar never injured her.

“From day one to my last day in WWE, she has been so great. Never have I walked away hurt or banged up or feeling like I can’t work the next day. I feel the need to defend her from my point of view because I can’t say anything negative about her.”

Unfortunately, fans prove not to be as forgiving or positive about Nia Jax’ in-ring abilities. In fact, many took to social media to comment on recent events.

Despite all the negative comments, I am still giving Nia the benefit of the doubt.

Unless the anonymous wrestler comes forward and gives me unrefuted evidence that Nia is unsafe in the ring, I will maintain my stance on the matter.

Also, in the light of the recent suicide of Hana Kimura, it is important not to gang up on a person on social media, especially when there is no unrefuted evidence of wrongdoing. 

If Nia Jax is indeed an unsafe worker, it is only a matter of time before the WWE takes action, as injured superstars is the last thing the company needs.

So, let us give her the benefit of the doubt for now.