Velveteen Dream Not Going To Main Roster Despite Rumors

NXT Superstar Main Roster

Well-known NXT superstar Velveteen Dream is not going to the WWE’s main roster after all, at least according to the latest rumors. But what is the reason behind the main roster rejection?

NXT Superstar Not Going To Main Roster Despite Rumors

Velveteen dream's recent controversy could be the reason for the main roster rejection

There are many men in NXT rumored to go to the main roster. However, Velveteen Dream’s main roster upgrade has been rumored for months.

According to recent rumors, it seems Velveteen Dream is not going to the main roster after all:

“Our sources have confirmed that while [Velveteen Dream] was discussed as someone to potentially bring up, higher-ups in both WWE and down in NXT have made the call to keep the former North American Champion with the black and gold brand for the time being.” – Wrestle Talk

With recent rumors stating Velveteen Dream is not going to the main roster anytime soon, fans wonder why. That being said, the answer could be more obvious than most people think.

Velveteen Dream’s Controversy

Velveteen Dream's controversy

Some weeks ago, Velveteen Dream stood accused of sending inappropriate photographs to a 15-year-old. Shortly after the accusations came, the star took to twitter to deny the allegations.

While Velveteen Dream’s controversy led nowhere, as it seemed the star’s account got hacked, the incident may have led to the main roster rejection.

The WWE dealt with quite a few scandals over the past year, so they undoubtedly want to avoid another. Putting Velveteen Dream on the main roster at the moment may draw some unwanted attention from fans.

As it stands, the only thing we know about the incident is that Velveteen’s account got hacked. Other than that, little has been said about the incident.

The lack of information and transparency continues to cause speculation among fans. Obviously, this is something the company needs to address before they go ahead with Velveteen on the main roster.

This is just one of the recent tweets which shows that fans have not forgotten about the allegations.

Will This Hurt Velveteen’s Career?

Is Velveteen Dream's career in danger?

Accusations can stick to a wrestler, even if the accusations are untrue and unfounded. As soon as the news came out, I had no doubt they would have an impact on his career. 

The WWE clearly have evidence that Velveteen Dream is innocent, otherwise the wrestler would not longer be employed. After all, the company does not need this kind of scandal.

Yet, despite the fact that accusations have been disproven, it does not mean that he is innocent in the eyes of all fans. Accusations can hurt someone’s career beyond repair, even if those accusations are untrue.

Since Velveteen Dream is still on track in NXT, I do not think it will ruin him completely. It is possible the WWE is waiting out the scandal at this point before they give Velveteen a main roster upgrade.

Considering the fact Velveteen was accused on something terrible, the company has to be careful going forward. Nevertheless, his career does not have to be ruined by this, especially if they take a transparent approach to the situation.

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