Tommaso Ciampa & Randy Orton Tension, Bayley Gets New Nickname

Tension between Randy Orton and Tommaso Ciampa is rising

Tommaso Ciampa and Randy Orton are currently embroiled in a twitter feud, and things are heating up! In other news, WWE’s Bayley gets a new nickname!

Tommaso Ciampa & Randy Orton Tension

Randy Orton and Tommaso Ciampa continue to argue on social media

Tommaso Ciampa and Randy Orton continue to destroy one another on Twitter. It all started when NXT TakeOver got loads of praise, and Randy Orton had to ruin things.

While fans continued to praise NXT, Randy Orton decided to attack the NXT locker room. Evidently, this caused the Ciampa and Orton tension to rise to a whole new degree.

Now, if you do not know what the leg slap refers to, it is basically a technique used to make hits and kicks sound louder. The wrestler basically simultaneously slaps their leg while hitting the other wrestler. 

The leg slap technique is a well-known technique. NXT wrestlers use it on a regular basis, and it does provide some amazing results for viewers.

NXT’s locker room leader Tommaso Ciampa responded to the comments in record time. However, there was little doubt about the meaning of his reply.

Orton responded to the NXT locker room leader’s comments:

Orton later posted his recycled response from 2017 dive controversy:

The post upset many people in 2017 and Orton seems more than happy to fuel the fire again. 

Orton’s Wife Fuels The Fire

Kim Marie decided to add fuel to the fire

Orton’s wife Kim Marie added some fuel to the fire on social media. Much like her husband, she attacked Ciampa’s credibility.

The feud has many fans divided. However, the large majority are supporting the NXT brand and its wrestlers. 

Unfortunately, stuff like this is a trend with Randy Orton. Put it down to jealousy, because even after all the years of bullying and allegations of inappropriate behavior in the workplace, he still acts like a petulant child.

Bayley Gets New Nickname

Bayley chooses new nickname

Bayley is currently enjoying a great run as the SmackDown Women’s Champion and one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. The two belts gave her the idea of a new nickname, and she wants it to be quite different from the well-known “Becky Two Belts” monniker.

As you can imagine, fans are quite divided on the new nickname. Some fans are totally on board, while others resent the comparison with Becky two-belts.

Underwhelming Run?

Sasha Banks and Bayley

Bayley’s title run has been quite the extensive one, but not everyone enjoyed it. Many fans on social media call for a new champion and are not impressed.

Another fan picked up on the fact that the word “straps” was banned from the WWE a while back. So, we can only guess the reaction from WWE brass to this tweet, and in particular Vince McMahon.

Which Championship Will Bayley Lose?

Bayley is likely to lose the SmackDown women's championship

Bayley has been booked strong over the past year, but the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship win could mean change is in the works. In fact, it could be a sign that Bayley might lose her SmackDown Women’s Championship soon, making her focus on the tag titles. 

A new SmackDown Women’s Champion would not be a bad thing, especially if it is around the waist of Lacey Evans. Of course, there are some other options that are worth exploring, but for now, Bayley remains on top of the division.