Several WWE Wrestlers And Personalities Face Sexual Assault Allegations

wrestlers sexual assault allegations

A storm is raging on social media at the moment, as several WWE wrestlers stand accused of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, and abuse. Here is an overview of the men and women who stand accused.

Matt Riddle Is Accused Of Sexual Assault

Matt Riddle allegations

One of the superstars who stands accused of sexual assault is Matt Riddle. The victim, another professional wrestler, took to social media to reveal her story.

According to the Candy Cartwright, the Matt Riddle accusations date back to May 2018. The victim claims Riddle forced her to perform actions of a sexual nature in a car with other wrestlers sleeping nearby.

Due to the graphic nature of the Matt Riddle accusations, we will not describe them in more detail. The WWE is currently investigating the allegations made against Riddle.

Matt Riddle was set to make his main roster debut soon. However, if the allegations are true, he stands to lose his job and could be prosecuted instead.

At the time of this article, Riddle still hasn’t responded to the allegations made by Cartwright.

Jim Cornette Accused Of Predatory Behavior

Jim Cornette and his wife stand accused too

Jim Cornette and his wife Stacy stand accused of predatory behavior. One of the alleged victims came forward with the story under the hashtag #SpeakOut today.

The accuser is a professional wrestler named Phil Earley. He claims the couple groomed him during his first year in the wrestling business. 

According to Earley, Jim Cornette and his wife used their power to fulfill their sexual desires. Allegations span from sending unwanted lewd pictures to forcing wrestlers to perform sexual acts for contracts and opportunities. 

The full statement from Phil Earley can be read here.

To back up his claims, Earley posted social media messages and photographs on his social media, which were sent to his friend. While the friend’s name was blacked out to protect his identity, they back up the serious allegations from numerous people.

At this point in time, neither Jim Cornette nor his wife have responded to the accusations from Earley and other wrestlers.

Jordan Devlin Accused Of Abuse

Jordan Devlin stands accused of abuse

NXT UK also sees a slew of wrestlers accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, with the most prominent being Jordan Devlin. The accuser, Hannah Francesca claims the wrestler abused her.

Francesca posted some graphic photographs of bruises on her body, along with the following statement:

“This is scary. I’m really scared. Jordan Devlin did this to me. And this is just the physical damage. Not including my arse and back bruises…because I don’t fancy posting that online [woman shrugging emoji].”

NXT UK superstar Piper Niven reacted to the accusations on social media:

Jordan Devlin has been getting a lot of attention in recent years. He enjoyed support from Triple H as well as Shaun Michaels, eventually taking the cruiserweight title.

If the rumors are true, then Jordan Devlin’s career with the WWE and in the wrestling industry could be over. 

The WWE released a statement about the rumors:

“We take any allegation of this nature very seriously and are looking into the matter.” 

In addition to Jordan Devlin, several women accused other wrestlers such as Ligero and Joe Coffey. There is currently no response from the wrestlers involved.

David Starr Gets Accused By Multiple Women

David Starr accused by multiple women

Multiple women came forward to accuse David Starr. Starr is an independent wrestler working for TNT Extreme Wrestling, OTT Wrestling, and Revolution Pro.

Several women took to social media to accuse Starr. One woman named Tori released screenshots of direct messages between herself and the wrestler, backing up the claims.


Since the allegations surfaced, several promotions distanced themselves from Starr. He was also stripped of several championships.

David Starr removed all his social media accounts since the accusations came to light.

It remains to be seen if Starr will face prosecution for his alleged actions. 

“GentleMan” Jack Gallagher Among Other Wrestlers Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Jack Gallagher accused of sexual misconduct

The accusations continue to mount under the hashtag #SpeakOut.

According to recent reports, a woman named Becky is accusing the superstar of sexual misconduct.

The accuser says the sexual misconduct dates back to New Years Eve of 2014. The 205Live star allegedly made unwanted advances and pulled down her skirt in the venue’s bathroom.

Becky left the venue immediately after the incident. She only spoke out about the incident today.

NWA Vice President Also Accused

David Lagana stands accused of sexual misconduct

Some extremely prominent figures were also accused of sexual assault, including David Lagana who is the current NWA Vice President.

Liz Savage, Lagana’s accuser, took to social media to tell her harrowing story. She claims the NWA Vice President sexually assaulted her after being his friend for four years.

Previous Sexual Misconduct Cases

Brave women came forward over the past 24 hours with some disturbing stories about some of the world’s biggest wrestlers. 

It is not the first time the wrestling world is dealing with serious allegations of sexual misconduct and assault. Only a few months ago, former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio got charged with sexual assault.

Before that, cruiserweight Rich Swann stood accused of domestic violence. WWE ended his contract on the spot. 

Former cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore also stood accused of sexual assault. WWE released the star, but the court dropped the case due to a lack of evidence.

As most the accused wrestlers have ties with WWE, the company faces a huge crisis. As it stands, the company still faces image problems due to the coronavirus crisis, but these new allegations make things even worse.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Ringside Intel would like to stress that these are only allegations at this point. There are currently no official police reports, aside from the ones against Del Rio, Swann and Amore in the past.

If the rumors are correct, several women may file charges against these wrestling stars. Subsequently, it may be one of the biggest scandals in WWE history.

Ringside Intel will keep fans informed about the situation as it develops. There were no WWE releases thus far.

These allegations are serious and are sending shockwaves throughout the industry. 

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

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