Sarah Logan Done Wrestling, Accusations Against Austin Aries

Sarah Logan Done Wrestling

After her release from WWE in April, it appears as though Sarah Logan is done wrestling. The former Superstar announced a new project via social media.

Also, as the #speakingout movement grows, we have learned of new and troubling accusations against Austin Aries.

Sarah Logan Done Wrestling

In a bit of a surprise, it appears as if Sarah Logan is done wrestling, for real this time.

The former WWE Superstar was among many who were released during the supposed COVID-19 cost cutting moves of April.

Initially, there appeared to be a chance that she would stick around, at least for a bit, as there was talk of her being involved in an angle shortly after her release.

Sarah Logan Done Wrestling

However, the segment got scrubbed, and that was all she wrote.

Now, the former Superstar has revealed her next project-and it shows that, at least for now, Sarah Logan is done wrestling.

She, along with husband Raymond Rowe (Erik of the Viking Raiders), started a YouTube channel earlier this year. Per her announcement, she is throwing all of her energy into that effort.

While the content may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is surely something Logan is passionate about. It’s nice to see someone able to do something they enjoy.

Accusations Against Austin Aries

Unfortunately, we don’t always get nice stories. The last week or so has been full of troubling reports, and we have another-now, accusations against Austin Aries have emerged.

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The ever-growing #speakingout movement has gained a lot of attention in barely a week. Since reports first broke, a number of professional wrestlers have been suspended or even fired.

Others have opted to defend themselves vigorously, and still others fired back and then deleted social media accounts.

One of the latest claims is another against former WWE Superstar Austin Aries.

In this claim, detailed below, Aries is alleged to have gotten a young indy wrestler so drunk she could not refuse his advances.

Warning, the account of the incident contains some adult language.