Sammy Guevara's Inappropriate Comments

The #SpeakingOut movement has uncovered Sammy Guevara’s inappropriate comments directed toward Sasha Banks several years ago. Also, some news on WWE’s Bray Wyatt personality plans with an eye toward the next PPV.

Sammy Guevara’s Inappropriate Comments

Chances are, each and every one of us has said some things we wish we hadn’t, but most of us are lucky enough that those comments aren’t recorded. AEW star Sammy Guevara’s inappropriate comments were recorded, and now making news.

Sammy Guevara's Inappropriate Comments

According to the reports, several years ago Guevara found himself at the WWE Performance Center, at the same time as Sasha Banks.

He later found himself on a podcast, where he felt it would be a good idea to discuss that visit, and more specifically, comment on his feelings toward the then-WWE prospect.

While even commenting that he found Banks attractive would have likely been not needed, the exact words which Sammy Guevara chose to use are getting him some heat-and rightfully so.

Specifically, the clip hears him state how he’s like to sexually assault the now-WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

It’s a terrible thing to say at any point in time, but now those mind boggling comments are getting new scrutiny thanks to the newest movement.

To date, a number of wrestling personalities have had complaints levied against them. One, Jack Gallagher, saw his employment with WWE terminated as a result.

Others, such as Matt Riddle, are denying the claims against them.

It will be interesting to see how this latest situation is handled moving forward.

Fans react

Many fans took to Twitter, insisting at a minimum an apology from Sammy. Others demanded much more.

Bray Wyatt Personality Plans

Bray Wyatt has been many characters since he became a part of the WWE family several years ago. From Husky Harris to The Fiend, he’s used several personalities.

Lately, going back to his WrestleMania match, we’ve seen more of these personalities in play.

According to reports, we may be seeing more and more of Bray’s split wrestling personalities. With the Firefly Funhouse’s return last Friday, we got to see the original Bray Wyatt coming into play.

It seems that Vince McMahon’s plans for Wyatt had always been more geared toward someone battling multiple personalities and less psychotic crazy person. To that end, it seems that there’s a bit of an Attitude Era influence behind this.

Specifically, it’s not accidental that Wyatt’s multiple personas may begin to remind fans of the Three Faces of Foley.

Mick Foley, of course, wrestled as Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack (and technically as Foley, but I digress). We saw matches where we didn’t know which persona would show up…or even where we got all three at times.

That does seem to be in Bray’s future as well, and we may begin to see this fully realized at the next WWE PPV. If they execute it as well as with Foley, this could be very fun to experience.