Luke Gallows claims NXT - AEW would not exist without the Bullet Club

There is no doubt that the Bullet Club is one of the most iconic factions in professional wrestling. However, Luke Gallows has now taken things further by making a strong statement regarding the faction’s role in AEW and NXT.

Wednesday Night Wars

Would the Wednesday Night Wars not have happened without the Bullet Club?

According to Luke Gallows, the Wednesday Night Wars between AEW and NXT would not be a thing without the Bullet Club.

During an interview, Luke Gallows speaks about the influence the Bullet Club had on the professional wrestling industry. 

Gallows claims that the Bullet Club is responsible for revolutionizing the wrestling world.

He states that the role of the Bullet Club in Japan forced the established wrestling world to evolve. 

In addition to claiming the Wednesday Night Wars would not have happened without the Bullet Club, Gallows also took a shot at the WWE.

“If there’s no Bullet Club, the resurgence of professional wrestling doesn’t happen. Am I a big part of it? No. But professional wrestling advanced because of what the Bullet Club was in Japan. That’s why they bought us, they wined and dined us, then they fired us.”

Gallows And Anderson In The WWE

Gallows and Anderson's WWE career was not what most expected

The statements made by Luke Gallows may sound a little out there, but I don’t think he is wrong. In fact, both men stood out so much they were eventually acquired by the WWE.

Of course, success in the indies does not automatically translate into success in the WWE.

A recent admission from Arn Anderson even revealed that Vince does not like pushing superstars that get popular on their own, only those he pushes himself.

Gallows and Anderson were immensely popular before they hit the WWE.

The way their career progressed in the WWE seems to support the statements made by Arn Anderson in a recent interview.

Where Are Gallows And Anderson Now?

Gallows and Anderson were fired on Black Wednesday

Both men were released by the WWE during the now infamous Black Wednesday releases.

They were some of the biggest names on the release list, especially given their involvement in recent storylines alongside AJ Styles. 

Styles would later respond to the releases in an emotional manner. AJ Styles does not respond to personal stories often, but he made an exception for the releases of this friends.

At the moment, it is unclear where Gallows and Anderson will end up in the professional wrestling industry.

They are still under their no-compete clause for a little while longer, but the world is their oyster in our opinion.

AEW would be a great choice. While New Japan is great too, I believe the tag team could help establish the tag team division in AEW a little bit more. 

There are rumors that Gallows and Anderson are heading to AEW, but nothing concrete has come out of the woodwork so far.

Of course, it could go either way, as Anderson also teased a return to New Japan during a flight to Tokyo. 

We can’t wait to see where the good brothers end up and how they make their mark on the professional wrestling industry next.

What do you think they’ll do?